Why Only Hunger Strike??

Again Anna Hajare has started the hunger strike, this time for the law against corruption The Comprehensive Lokpal Bill -  which will be according to the wish of the common people.

The opinions expressed here, you may feel strange or as now Anna is getting support so people are coming to support him, even I wonder Amir Khan who was spending his days watching CWC matches, has suddenly got the concern about corruption. One political party who ridiculed Anna in past is showing the support too.

The purpose of this site is not discuss every news happening, but to find long term solutions of problems, conflicts and issues which faced by India. So please read this article in that context.

So, to solve all the problems like corruption, terrorism we need agitation, need revolution. No doubt, someone should start it. We need a leader, who will bring the country to a stable stage of growth, development with security and without corruption.
The shameless behavior of politicians should be stopped, and the guilty should be punished. They should be challenged and pressurized for justice.

And yes! All this is very much needed and possible in India, the largest Democracy in the world.


Why only Hunger strike?

Only Hunger Strike?

Who can resist to be thought like Gandhiji!!

Anyway no personal criticism, we will focus on Hunger Strike Political Strategy only. Yes! Of course it is also a political move.

By making yourself weak and putting the emotional pressure on the Government and the people too, what we are actually gaining?

Is This The Democratic Way? See, when some people provoke sentiments of common people in the name religion, we strongly hate it. And that is not according to law. 

But this is also not the democratic way and in this also we are provoking sentiments by damaging health.

Can't we find some democratic and sophisticated way for any movement?

Hunger strike leads to satisfy and cherish one's ego only. Some of you may say, but Anna is a selfless man and he is doing all this for common man. In case of Gandhiji's hunger strikes people used to think the same, especially after Partition of India, he started hunger strike for peace and Hindu - Muslim unity, and the results were opposite. After failure of his strategies we easily blame the religions for riots, but that was the wrong policies which was to cherish his ego in the name truth.

I repeat again, my intention is to think long term consequences so this time he is doing right or wrong is not to be discussed here. My objection is to hunger strike. And Anna Hajare on  hunger strike as a leader !

Putting emotional pressure on govt, can become dangerous. Another example of pressurizing the Govt. by emotions is, the biggest blunder of NDA govt, to release most dangerous terrorists in Kandahar Plane Hijack, that was nothing but due to the emotional pressure by the media.

I wonder, even Kiran Bedi supported such childish and ever failed way of movement.

How these ways give encouragements to behind the scene deals, no need to discuss. I am not blaming Anna Hajare. Discussion is on the way of movement.

Is this the only way for Satyagrah - The fight for the truth?  The mixing of spiritual principles which are supposed to be observed personally for personal spiritual growth, with the practical, material and political life by Gandhiji has made this country childish in every decision.

These weak ways have destroyed our generations psychologically. The youth are become weak before the growth and before knowing what is the youth all about. In this same series one more weak way, the lightening of candles, on border, in Mumbai on 26/11, now on this corruption too. I don't understand should I cry or laugh on these hunger, candle, games of little kids.

When someone is becoming leader, moving the country by all means , like Facebook, Twitter, my question to them is when they are attracting the attention and support of people, are they really capable to handle all the consequences because the leader is becoming weak by hunger strike? We have an example of Chouri Choura, and how people became violent that time.

I believe any agitation should be with proper plans for the future. The leader should be capable of thinking the consequences after 10 - 15 or 20 years on the country and the coming generations. This looks a very big expectation because we have stopped to think big. The decisions should be responsible with the analysis of the long term goals and their achievements. The matured ways of implementing policies. And more important the leader should be able to take all responsibility of the movement and the control over the movement. And his decisions should relieve tensions of common man. But what we see in this Hunger strike method, daily news of the declining health of the leader and increasing tensions of people. 

The person who himself has surrendered to the death by hunger strike means who is ready to die, how they can be leader?

But we have a great faith on emotional pressurizing strategy of Hunger strike because somewhere inside we know nobody dies with hunger strikes. The situations and decisions get settled. We think this is the victory of truth and the other party also get satisfied with this settlement. Again no personal criticism, but this is what is the Hunger Strike!

And one more important dimension of Hunger Strike, the nation is facing so many problems, how many hunger strikes we will do for each problem? We will need always some one who will do this. 

Don't we have some other ways where our intelligent human brain will be utilized for the country instead of making it weak by keeping oneself hungry?


I am supporting the Anti - Corruption movement, but I strongly oppose the HUNGER STRIKE.  My request to Anna Hajareji and his followers is to please try some new means of drawing attention of people and Government too! 

Whatever may be the outcome of this movement, please never encourage, hunger till death methodology!


  1. The Perfect article in every aspect.What to say more!
    No one did huger strike for Kashmiri Pandits.

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  3. Read your full article.
    But I do not agree, Anna is right what he is doing.

  4. well.... apart from hunger strike what a common man can do actually....BTW what can be the new means for drawing attention in ur view???

  5. My two brothers 18o degree opposite reactions! Dada! Great to have your support, about Kashmiri Pandits, it depends where we have the chance to get more publicity!

  6. Deepak! I don't think that you have read the article with full heart and depth. The article itself shows the deep study of Transformational Leadership (as I am doing it seriously). Transformational leadership is such a big term that here there is no leader from decades. I say there was such leader VEER SAVARKAR. The steps what you are expecting from me, for this I must thank you. As this demand is expecting me to be the leader. All this can not be said in one or two comments.

    Still I say, there are lots of democratic ways. As I am discussing it on this blog. You can go through old articles, related to leadership. An I will put more. Myself believe in firm policies and actions so I won't say and do anything with unnecessary emotional excitement.

  7. Thanks SM! For your honest opinion! I am opposite to the stream always!

  8. Irfanji! Thanks a lot for your vision. A common man is fooled any case by leaders. And about other ways, I think I have given answer in the reply to Deepak aka stranger.

  9. Deepak Dear! One most important thing, before giving any suggestion, I have to put the issue first, if I would have written directly, I doubt how many would have understood it. In depth analysis and critical thinking is very much needed, it is very hard that to sit on hunger strike.

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  11. Geeta! Thanks a ton for your appreciation! from the core of my heart!

  12. The movement is peaceful, we know how the followers of Anna, refused Uma Bharti to join. This is what I say, cherish one's ego. Now, Anna has apologized Uma. Again, proved what I say, he has no control over the decisions and followers.

  13. thanks
    Hope you will read this article
    Why Anna Hazare is right – Regarding his Hunger strike and
    demand for Jan Lokpal Bill


    will wait for your comments.

  14. Most of your readers and youth are consuming Instant coffee or food. That has changed the action/ reaction process on the whole. They do not have ability to study any social topics rationally, to study our social structure, international policies and interest in Indian society and policies.
    To make Gandhi Mahatma and put Savarkar in jail or declare Netaji Bose as terrorist was helping the British Raj to destroy the Bharatiya social fabric. All those old British Raj events are the cause of present conditions in India.
    We are not independent because we are still known and called as Indians.
    It is easy to blame NDA for Kandahar incident and equally easy to forget who kept Masood Azar alive to be freed by that Hijacking, like Afzal Guru and Kasab. (one more Kandahar incident is in the process, kept ready to be used at right time)
    This Hunger drama, World Cup, Arushi murder all are used as diverting tactics from everyday exposed scams of the present government.
    For this see a movie “Wack the Dog” Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro to know how spin doctors from government and Share Market has created this Hunger drama. Why Medha Patkar ( on Gupte Tithe Khupte said Afzal Guru and Kasab not to be hanged) joins the drama? The same Amir khan was supporting Medha Patkar. All these are tactics used by International /local business Houses to create instability and gain the benefits. I know it is difficult to digest but all these are facts happening behind a curtain.
    Anyway, what is the solution? Start using every possible media to show behind the curtain stories, those getting benefits, expose the instigators, allow the court to give justice, help those lawyers fighting against corruption in the court. Hunger strike is not the answer it is a Soap Opera to divert attention.
    Three hundred years of damages, then cover ups and now bluffs to remove and bring back Bhartiya society require dedicated people, joining hands as children of this Bharat Mata, not motivated by foreign interests.

  15. Hunger strike is one of the way to draw attention to any grave problem or issue unattended by the 'Kumbhakarana' type sleeping government and there is nothing wrong.It can not be said to be emotional pressure. Even children resort to it if their demands are not met at home.Parents relent in the last!After writing so much on hunger strike, you have not come out with any other form of solution to get the grievance redressed.

  16. Read the few comments.
    majority did not know correct history.

    India got independence what is the meaning of that.
    Step one England passed the law giving independence to India.
    Then our leaders promised them that we follow not change anything in India.

    Thus British left India, and our own leaders started to treat us Indians as slaves using same rules, same policies of British Raj.

    About Partition it was good thing which happened in India otherwise i am sure you will be using Burkha.

    Try to find out why Indian females started to use and cover their body and face in Rajthan and many more areas.

    read the biography of Anna which which i have written.

  17. SM thanks for the link! I already read that, when you published. Yesterday couldn't come online so couldn't comment.

  18. Vinayak Sir! I don't have words for your support and mainly for the light you and truth you have given on this issue. I didn't have all this knowledge, but still my observations and study, from past to future I tried to put. The solutions you have suggested are the ultimate ways. But we don't have patience and dedication to work for that, we need new craze and sensation daily to chew, may it be Dhoni, any cheap model, or Anna Hajare or IPL and the cheer leaders.I am very very grateful for your focus on the truth, you have given your precious time to read and show the truth behind the curtain. I have lots of things to learn from you further. :)

  19. Shriram Sir! Thanks a lot for your response, first but your response says exactly the same what the article says. That's why I say this childish way. If someone is trying to be self proclaimed Mahatma and pouring money to make this image on sponsored ads, they should be enough matured to find some matured way. Yes! I didn't give the solution. There are many reasons, first is my pace and intention of this blog to find some firm solution going in the roots which will be meaningful. This can not be moved with changing news and gimmicks. One more thing, if I don't have solution this doesn't mean I should accept the slavery of the person who I think is doing wrong. Nothing wrong in awakening the people. I will try to put all this in detail. Thanks a ton for the response too.:)

  20. Thanks you so much SM! I agree many of the things , for partition I think I have to discuss, what exactly you mean in depth. But partition was the because of the consistent wrong policies. About Anna 's biography, ya! sure! :)

  21. Mohini! I am proud of you!What ever u said came true.You dared to say the truth.
    Ranade sir!Your guidance has made everything clear.I have no words to thank you!Please guide us further!

  22. I support Anna Hazare in his hunger strike simple because he has the courage to go and do something to shake the youth of the country up to fight againsts corruption.

    What are we doing? Just writing articles discouraging some sort of action that is being taken.

    If anyone needs to learn something about democracy, it is the corrupt politicians not Hazare or the people who support him.

  23. why and how partition happened is not important today.
    It happened in past.
    Today we can say it was good that thing happened to India when we see the happenings of Pakistan.
    Pakistan has no money America and other rich nations pay them for everything.

    And India is improving and doing progress.

  24. Very interesting and very well written..
    most Fabulous piece out of all those that i have read till now.

    n i strongly support this movement but i m really not supporting the hunger strike.. i mean i appreciate Hazare's devotion.. but suppose tomorrow.. another leader goes on indefinite fast and demands of something.. i mean is that really a way to get ur bills passed??

    i agree whatever he demanded was noble but this was for sure not the right way of achieving this.. we could have had some intelligent way..

  25. Hi Angry Ganu! Thanks a lot for your detailed response first. I guess your response is also angry too. First you said about the courage to shake the youth, so it is not like that. Coz youth are frustrated and supporting wrong way by frustration. These ways are weak people's ways, that is what I mentioned.

    Writing article is not a simple way,because power of words is such big that it can give inspiration to generations and not just an sensation or craze for some time.

    About corrupt politicians, all agree that they are corrupt, but Annaji is the most ideal man today, they why he is choosing path of dictatorship, this is another dictatorship.

    If we go deep and try to find the scene behind the scene, the frustration will be more.

    I hope you understand my vision.

    One more thing, if my little effort is able to discourage Annaji, then power of words and facts is proved itself. Isn't it? Thanks a ton once again. :)

  26. SM! Thanks a lot for staying on the discussion. and the reason to remind history is it should not be repeated and our coming generations should learn from past. If they don't know the facts then they will mislead towards so called friend ship, peace talks etc. And before and after the birth of Pakistan, what happened which destroyed all the growth. What would have happened if partition was not there, a new topic to study isn't it? Thanks for that! :)

  27. HI Aditya! Welcome to our site, this is mission for all of us. Thanks a ton from core of heart for your full support and appreciation on my vision. And your response says, you have read the total depth of the article. Of course I support that little or big effort going on against corruption, but the way is misleading.

    Thanks once again. and please stay on the discussion ahead.

  28. Now we have right leaders and I'm glad with the way they are heading.

  29. Dr. Divyaji! Thanks for your clear vision really! But I don't think Anna as a leader and this way is not the way of leader. And you can see why he is getting so much publicity! I will try to put the facts...soon.

  30. I see we disagree on this topic.

  31. Welcome Pundit Commentator! So what is your vision...please discuss! So that I can give answers....may try to ! Thanks for your vision too. keep coming stay on the discussion......:)glad to see you here.....

  32. I disagree!

    Childish- just because you don't know the power of Satyagrah, you dont know our history too i think.

  33. Welcome Piyush! Thanks a lot for your comment first. Power of Satyagrah can never be denied.In fact Satya the truth is the base of all the revolution and even life. My objection is on Hunger strike, I wish to find some different ways, thinking a lot on that. There are many different aspects. About history, it depends what we exactly think as history. Because we know, many things are glorified and many things are intentionally ignored. We still don't have any answer on the things of which happened on Partition. Gandhiji couldn't control it! Because of some personal problems I actually couldn't post next articles which would clear my point further. But I will surely.

    And hey, never hesitate to raise your points, we always have a healthy discussion at this place. :)

  34. nice write-up :)

    April 7,2011. 11: 14PM!

  35. The above comment is by Geeta on the date and time is there, that was deleted by me by mistake, (never work in sleepy condition.) I am extremely sorry Geeta. But thank God, it is still saved, so I just retrieved it and again posted, you can see my thanks to her, after some time on the same day!

    Thanks a ton Geeta for your appreciation, from core of my heart! :)