Hymn to Parabrahm Shriram

Today's poem is a hymn to Lord Shriram and His omnipresent Parabrahma Swaroopam.

A few days back I read about Rama Teertham at Rameshwaram on Arti's famous travel blog, My Yatra Diary. 'My Yatra Diary' is one of my most favorite blogs since I joined the blogging world. Arti brings the essence of spirituality and tranquility existing in the spiritual places in her diary through her words and exceptional photography, which give an experience of virtual Yatra to the readers. The day I read the post on Rama Teertham, Places to see / Teerthas of Rameshwaram: Rama Teertham, my mind irresistibly stayed there at the teertham to experience the vibes of peace. And when it returned, it returned with a hymn. Read Arti's post first, closing all the distraction for some minutes, experience the divine calmness and then read this hymn...

Image: Hymn to Parabrahma Shriram

Sākār and Nirākār Dhyana:

We worship Lord Shriram in Sagun and Sākār form. Sagun means belonging to Three Gunas: Sattava, Raja and Tama. Sagun dhyana is a bit easier to worship in something that we know and can think of. Sākār means, having a definite form. Lord Shriram came on the earth as a human prince and so we love to trust Him like one of us - A Human. We practice Sākār Dhyana by worshipping Him, singing His stories, reciting His names and various Mantras, Hymns written to Him.

Nirākār Dhyana can't have any form on which the mind can focus or think. So, I find it difficult to understand, how one can do Dhyana of the Nirākār Brahm which doesn't have any form. I have never tried to practice Nirakar Dhyana, as I find Bhakti and Sākār worship more natural.

The Dhyana beyond Sākār and Nirākār Dhyana definitions:

However, after writing this hymn I realized, the intrinsic Dhyana, the dhyana which happens involuntarily must be beyond Sākār and Nirākār: only a deep peace which emerges from the mind slowly and as it grows it starts occupying the mind. The thoughts, the definitions, the conflicts start melting in the peace and hence they begin to lose the power they carry to agitate our mind.

Spirituality scares many people because the meaning assumed in it is, giving up everything. I realize Advaita and Adhyatma as to experience the Parabrahm in this very life and in this seemingly chaotic world. This peace is not something which is beyond the material world.

I used to read the discussions in spiritual books about Lord Shriram. Is He Bhagwan Vishnu in Human form, is He just a prince of Ayodhya or Can we worship Him as Parabrahma or is He lesser than the Paramatma? My brain would get stressed by such complicated debates.
Then, I began to focus on how I realize my Bhagwan Ram, what He is for me and that will be the truth for me... ultimately.

I am sure you'll also love Lord Shriram met me in the Rama Teertham when I read Arti's post and photos on it. 

Image: Lord Shriram, Laxman and Sitaji

Lord Shriram, Laxman, Maa Sita and  Hanumanji Rokdoba Temple Arvi (Dhule)

Hymn to Parabrahma Shriram:

He is not confined in just His idols
Just Idols
He is not present just in temples
He is in ponds
He is in ripples echoing peace and love 
He is in the creatures of ponds
He is in their unnoticed small existence in this world
He is in children
He is in their innocence
He is their innocence
He is in their purest love
He is in their faith of purity in the world
He is in the atmosphere surrounding His sacred temples
Creating the unseeable vibrations of divinity and love
He is in quiet trees
He is in the oxygen, the life force which trees give to the world
He is in the air we breathe
And beyond
He gives us life and He shapes our lives
He is in the devotees who worship Him
And He is in the souls who don't know Him
Don’t want to know Him
With equal love and blessings for everyone
Because He can’t be without love
He is in the sky...
He is in the writers who write His glories
And also in those who do not see any glory in His life
He loves everyone
He embraces everyone with unimpaired love
He has manifested himself in uncountable forms
Wherever I see His presence,
Can feel His love for the universe and beyond...
He is the Parabrahma
He is Shriram,
The bliss, the love, the hope, the power...
The supreme power...
I can't stop myself from praising His blessings ...
All the sacred Vedas and Puranas aren't enough
To sing His greatness
Still He reads my childish words with love
As His Hymn…
because He is the love.
However, the world may treat my madness
I'm happy to see the omnipresent Viratroopam of Lord Shriram.
The parabrahma roopam of Lord Shriram
I am happy to be a part of His great creation...
Though the tiniest part of His world.
I am happy to feel loved by Lord Shriram.

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