Poem: Still I Believe

'Still I Believe' is a Dramatic Monologue where the central character of the poem is unfolding their misery to their love who is not with them. 

Attached to your broken promises,
"Don’t cry? I'll be back soon!"
I never forget it, sadly!

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Believe, you won't break your promise.
I can't forget your assuring words, sadly!

Believe, you never wanted to break it...
What stopped you fulfilling your promise
Though I don't know at all
I can't hate you for any reason, really!

Trust your loving words
They speak with me becoming alive from the past.
They create life for me when I lose hope
They create smiles for me today when I have forgotten to live.

Trust you'll understand one day
My miseries without you
My lonely battle of survival
My lonely struggle to see the life again

Only thing now I need from you
Understand me,
Understand my pain

I've been trying to be strong
Every day I start with new hopes
But dear, this heartache is absorbing my life now.

The only thing I need from you
Please understand me
Please understand my pain

You know,
My heart won't lie
You know
My eyes won't lie

Do you need more words?
If you can't even fulfill my only wish
Why did you become my friend?
I have already tolerated deceivers
Without losing my temper

Always hoped at least you'll understand this pain
For the sake of our friendship
At least you!
You know I won't ever bother you for anything
But you could be
You could feel empathy for me
It's not a friendship
It's not love
If you can't feel the suffering of your friend
If you could understand a bit the harsh truth in
My tears
That would give me strength to survive in the hell

Humanity and love are dead in this world
If you can't understand my pain.
My desire to live is melting in my tears
There's no place for life, love, and humanity
In my ruthless hell

Me and my voice can't reach you
If your heart can feel this suffering...
I'll trust, love exists somewhere in the world

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