Poem: Is It The Magic Called Love?

The feeling of love is so beautiful that it inspires to write a lot. Sometimes this feeling is just without any reason, not necessarily for someone. But you just feel to express it. You just want to write, talk, sing about love. I can't ever cease to write about all the shades of love. Wait, I am still discovering what love is.

Let’s splash vibrant colors of love today on the canvas of poetry,
beginning with lines I tweeted yesterday.

Image: Pretty Yellow Aboli

I feel your heartache
And I wish to see you smiling always
For you deserve only love
For the love, that's your heart.
I read verses of love in your heart,
I read the love, treasured in your beautiful soul,
Safe from the worldly chaos,
Veracious, sweet and simple.
Today you don't know me,
Still you don't know me,
And I feel attached to your heart,
That's the glory of love, my dear friend.
Your happiness makes me very happy,
Your silent, buried pains make me cry
Why do I express all this,
All this, which I shouldn't?
How do I see it, why do I feel it,
Why do I write all this?
Who am I?
Who am I for you?

Perhaps nothing...
Knowing that I read your heart

Wish I would ever know...
What bridges hearts?
Wish I would understand…
Why I am getting attached to your emotions -
The emotions which are rarely visible?
Is that the magic called love?

What breaks the barriers between us?
What is that that touches our souls
And transforms us in a fraction of a moment...
A storm comes wiping our caged thoughts of life's uncertainty 
Liberating us from
Those burdens of thousands of definitions that create walls around the mind?
What is it?
Is it the magic called love?

Is it the same magic that gives wings to our dreams?
I couldn't write all this intentionally...
Then what has made me write today?
Who blurs, who erases those imprisoning walls?
And when
I can say boldly, I smile with your happiness.
Is it the magic called love?

O divine soul, you're blessed by the God
You loved once and you became the love
God has gifted you His heart
Which is the complete love

I met you when I was healing my wounded heart
I met you when I was hiding my tears from the world
When I was trying hard to wear a fake smile on my face…
I met you when my heart was crying by injustice
I found you when I was losing my desire to live
Today I saw you happy 'once again'
And I feel this 'beautiful life' again.
When I see you happy
I desire to live more.

Dear divine purest soul
Always smile...
Because your smile of love makes someone happy in this world
Always be happy...
Because your happiness gives someone reasons to live in this world

I love you for what you are
Humble, loving and so caring
For the love, that makes you


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