Poem: Soothing Raindrops

After the brutal heatwave this summer, rains have brought the most awaited relief. For the past three months, it seemed like life will be burning forever in the blistering heat. But just within some hours of drizzle, the exhausting battle with the sun is ended.

Mother Nature loves her children, all of us and protects us even though we have lost all the hopes. Spending time in nature, unearth the truths of the world. These realizations grow us spiritually, which in turn make us child again; take us in the childlike mind when we didn't have any issues that come with ego and when we were happy with what we are.

I try to enjoy every raindrop in the light rain and here is a poem why I love the rain so much...

Image: Raindrops on Peepal Leaves

Surrendered my mind
To the pleasant drizzles lasted for hours
The peace showers for hours
Mother Nature is a true healer
This healer listens to your deepest wounds the heart carry...
And shower her exquisite love upon you
Then you don't want to open your eyes
The only thing happens is your heart opens your wounds
And you let her heal them one by one
Releasing all the distress
When you feel safe and let your guards down
To silently experience her love
The soothing touch of the tiniest raindrops
Alleviating your scars one by one
And you just surrender yourself to that touch
While your eyes closed, you see
Yourself becoming an innocent child again
Throwing the identities which boost our egos
And cover the soul
With each raindrop touching you, you become calmer
It’s when you feel this moment should become eternal
You want to hug that golden peace showered by Mother Nature
And wish to forget the time
With every raindrop touching you
You let go of the scars which you could never heal
You let your tears flow with the raindrops
Because you know, you are now with your mother

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