Poem: The Battle Within

Technology, social media, politics, work everything has made our lives so busy, just tried to write the battle within,

the battle within
break the cage

you can
no, you can't 
break the barriers
it's possible
no, you can't 
you are free
no, how can I?
yes! it's simple
no, it's so hard
loud battle and
quiet world
who'll listen to my voice?
my inner voice
the battle within
lips are sealed
fear has won
or I have lost it
this battle within
hurting me so badly!
what to do?
how to do?
where is freedom?
where is cage?
this battle within
whom to tell
everybody loves 
cage of their hearts
I realized
my cage
do they?
what is freedom?
do I know?
do they know?
whom to talk?
this battle within
who will listen?
who can understand?
questions, questions and questions
this battle within
who will answer?
do they have answers?
they have battle
like me
they are hiding
or living happily
unaware of it?
or pretending to be happy
and fighting within
same battle
my battle within
mine and their
or it's one?
for everybody!
this battle within
why do we hide?
what do we show?
what's real and 
why these masks?
what's natural
or abnormal?
or all this is just
battle of thoughts
with own thoughts
imagination of
why do we love it?
who will hear?
own battle within
no time to hear
no time to talk
and listen to
our own inner voice
telling the inner battle
so loudly
the battle within
loud battle within
in the silent busy world
the battle within

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