Poem: Victim's Voice

Verbal abuse is a less discussed topic and not taken seriously. Victim's voice is an effort to give the voice to silent verbal abuse victims.


bleeding wounds 

never seen
invisible scars
never noticed
silent tears
never heard
broken heart
nobody knows
I don't have  voice
I am a victim
but not helpless
strong courageous me
now, a weak frightened sparrow
fighting verbal abuse attacks
surviving toxic relationships

Facts related to Verbal Abuse:

Verbal abuse is ignored by the victim failing to recognize it at first place and by people around the victim, mainly because emotional scars aren't visible. Generally verbal abuse victims are scared by the abusive relationship, therefore it's not possible that they will tell their sufferings to anybody. 

When loved ones, close relations turn abusive it is very difficult to identify the intensity of the attacks and basically some abuse is going on at first place. 

Even if the victim tries to seek help, chances are they will be misguided. Due to ignorance, the common tendency is to take the situation lightly. But if the victim is in life threatening attacks or has become too weak psychologically, something wrong and serious may happen. 

I am not an expert on this issue, but one thing I can do is to raise the voice of those unknown silent victims, tell their story to this busy world. Whether you are facing any such problem or not, I would suggest you to search, internet has many helpful guides, and gain the knowledge of verbal abuse. 

If you  are victimized by verbal attacks, name-calling, mock everything you love, make  fun of your achievements, in short doing every possible  attack that will cause you emotional pain so that you start losing self-esteem, you must decide  to defend yourself from the attacker and then learn the steps to defend. 

It is not very easy because there is a trap of love by the abuser when they realize that you are trying to protect yourself and keep safe from them. Remember, you don't need to change yourself to satisfy the abuser, they will never get satisfied. 

The most important fact is that verbal abuse can happen in any relationship.

If you are aware of the facts, signs and symptoms of verbal/emotional abuse, it'll be easy to identify an abuser and their intentions before the things get serious and harm your life.  

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  1. You raise a very serious issue through this post, Mohini. Kudos to you!

    To speak needs a lot of courage because of the way the society tends to stigmatize the entire situation which is wrong. This 'stigma' is also one of the reasons why most victims prefer keeping silent and end up in a self destructive loop. The abusers, on the other hand take an advantage of this mindset and continue with their wrongdoings. Speaking is the only solution we have for all kinds of abuse prevalent in society today - We need to stand up, talk, seek help and conquer our fears. Abuse is far more a common occurrence than most of us realize - talking about it, making people aware is the real need of the hour. The more we speak on these so called taboo subjects, the more we will encourage victims to break their silence and the people around them to provide unconditional love and support through these trying times.

    1. Thanks dear Arti for such a thoughtful comment. :) I am glad you liked the poem and thoughts.