29 January 2015

Poem: Poems the Reason to Live

a day without poems
is death without breathing

the reason to live
the reason to love
the oxygen to smile
the verses of heartbeats
the best meditation
the relaxation
beyond imagination
power to the life
power to the hope
light for the rays of hope
the song for heart
the rhythm of breathing
freedom from suffocation
poems and poems
reason to be happy

Since the time, I have given up all the distractions and habits which were restricting my heart from writing more and more poems, I have been feeling so free lately! I am living the life like never before; trying more and more forms of poetry and writing on various shades of human mind and life experiences. This is just awesome!

The best experience I am having now as now I am writing poems just for the passion of writing them and expressing myself in the form of poetry, without any other desire like responses, getting published or judgement by others. It's a long way to learn and improve, the more I write, I feel even one life is not enough to become perfect. Just love this flow of poems!

To be honest, it is very difficult to realize what we want from life and it was true for me too. As I am more devoted to poems, it has become a bit hard to focus on articles may they be spiritual or political analysis. Everything keeps changing, nothing is immortal except the bliss we experience. I am getting it by poems so despite my love to write articles, can't write them more often.

In short, really, poems are the reason to be happy. :-)

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