Poem: Mighty Wildflower

Today's poem is inspired by the picture prompt of a wildflower. I feel enamored by wildflowers; they are very inspiring. 

Image for poem: Mighty Wildflower

While writing this poem, I realized, this delicate looking flower is actually a mighty wildflower, how? 

Image: Mighty Wildflower

Blooming in adversities
Creating the aura of love and smiles around you
Even hardest big rock couldn't trample your beauty and elegance 
Under its heavy pressure,
Couldn't sabotage your courage and resilience.
The world of leaves around you gave up 
Their lives under the powerful attack of the rock.
But you decided to shine,
You decided to smile,
You decided to rise,
Who can be your enemy now?

Image poem: Mighty Wildflower

Your existence in this world
Your endurance in your life of hardships
 Is so powerful
Who wouldn't want to love you? 
O mighty wildflower!
You're awe-inspiring.

"Women should choose to rise up for their rights, and they will succeed."
Tweet: Women should choose to rise up for their rights, and they will succeed. --> http://ctt.ec/RdAwe+ #Inspiring #Poem via @mohinipuranik

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