Mother's Day Poem: Love You Aai

For mother's day today, I thought to create a gift for my mother instead of buying.

I love you Aai. We, in Maharashtra call mother, 'Aai'. Also,  Marathi is our mother tongue, so I chose to create the card in Devnagri script. While performing pujas, we use Akshata – the unbroken rice.  Akshatas are considered as auspicious. So I just thought to surround my gift with beautiful akshatas. A digital way of worship. :)

Love you Aai
For everything you did for me since my birth,
For everything you always do for me.
Love you Aai
For caring me so much always.
Love you Aai
For being my Aai.
Love you Aai
Never leave me,
Your Mohini
Always a child
Your child
Still a child.
Love you  always
Wishing you health and happiness
Adding my love to them.