Poem: The Life You Can Give Us

The Heatwave has returned again today. The temperature is a record high and drought condition in various parts of India has been worsened, this summer. Every one of us is eagerly waiting for the arrival of the monsoon. In today's poem, I have tried to share our problems and disturbed lives, in this summer, with Mother Nature.  You'll also resonate with the feelings expressed in this poem. 

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Weakened eyes are waiting for you
Plants, trees...
Look at their lives,
Look at their leaves
Tiny and the big ones
Dried up and drying ones
Their eyes are...
Their leaves,
Their eyes are
Waiting for you desperately.

Animals and birds
Small and big
Look at their eyes
They're becoming weaker and weaker
Without water
Their eyes are
Waiting for you desperately
Their eyes are 
Praying for you desperately
Did you hear their weak voice?
Did you hear the songs of little birds calling you?

And we humans,
We're fighting the battle with 
Scarcity of water,
The battle with drought
And the battle with 
Continually rising temperature 
O Mother Nature,
We are praying for the life
The life,
You'll bring with clouds 
Shower your love by rains,
Read our prayers 
In our weakened eyes
Our eyes are desperately waiting for the rains
Our lives are waiting for the Life
That only you can give us,
The life you can give us.

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