Poem: Patriotism Meter

Almost everyone has their own definition or version of patriotism, nationalism and freedom these days. Today's poem is my attempt to share how these patriotism debates look like. 

Poetic Voice of this poem:

We: The people who are capable of managing and making people a patriotic hero or dismissing the patriotism of others to claim the monopoly on patriotism.

You: We notice that people are used for political gains. Considering the common opportunism in politics here 'you' is used here to represent anybody who can be used as a puppet for political gains or for taking the blame in the case of political loss.

Poem: Patriotism Meter

Let's check your patriotism.
We have a meter:
A Patriotism meter;
Let's check your patriotism now.
It's simple,
It's fast,
It's accurate,
Accurate from our point of view and
Customizable for all kinds of views.
Tell us your slogan,
Tell us the history you believe or you understand,
Or basically the history you don't understand.
Tell us your political desires.
We will calculate
The points to see your patriotism pointer.
Right, left or center?
Or just a flexible stand to stand with the opportune one?
Don't worry.
We can still calculate.
Can you dance, sing and act?
You'll score more points.
We love drama, action and emotions.
Can you market yourself?
PR, interviews?
Be in the news every day.
It's as simple as speaking rubbish every day.
We'll raise your patriotism score!
You will look a real patriotic hero...
At least in the news!
Just keep speaking anything.
Don't worry, just play with random keywords,
Your score will rise!
Some slogans,
Some history,
Some concepts,
Some definitions.
Don't worry about the correctness of the history;
Who knows the history anyway?
You will score more!
Do you want a fixed score or the fluctuating convenient one?
Speak confusing in both the cases.
So confusing that even you will get confused about what you said.
Don't worry even after a foolish speech.
We will make you a hero.
Don't study, just focus on drama.
We will make you a patriotic hero.
Can you contribute in legacy war?
Our national heroes vs. their leaders?
Just criticize theirs.
It’s so easy!
Or we can take international figures.
We have a lot of options.
Let's use different names to show variety
To create more issues with
Daily speeches, tweets, and more hatred.
Or join us...
We'll exempt you from the patriotism test.
You'll get the ‘patriotic’ certificate with a steady score.
Think about the great opportunity!

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