Poem: Political Turmoil Continues...

Political turmoil

Never ends!

Text Image: Political Turmoil Continues...

Elections bring the change,
People bring the most needed change.
Change, yes, a great change.
Names change,
People in power change,

Political turmoil continues...
As it was
With new names.

Ideologies fade,
But not the mathematical calculations of votes
Our existence
Is measured in our votes' power.
How much can we give?
Our caste, gender, state, religion, profession...
How much do we offer?
That's our 'only' existence.
Our existence isn't
Our needs, not economy, not development of people and the nation
Not even our contribution to our country.
The life and death,
The screams and silenced screams,
Lost dreams and ambitions
Of people;
Nothing matters.
Who cares?
We are what
The power of a strategically defined community can offer significant vote share.

Ideologies fail,
But not the blind fanatic followers,
They never fail
The beliefs, trust, faith fail...
But not the political turmoil.

Ideology is a toy for calculated gains,
Ideologies are twisted, shifted deliberately.
Leaders have opportune masks for every ideology.
They Wear the appropriate one for the calculated, structured gain.
Political turmoil continues...

The fearless warriors with the weapon of pen
Fighting for truth?
No..it's not today's journalism.
Journalists trained in
Influencing opinions,
Misguiding beliefs,
Adding fuel to chaos by creating convenient confusions.
Strategic demoralization of people,
Well thought,
Beautifully articulated,
Damaging the sane thinking of people.
Destroying normal beliefs of a normal life,
Creating a new system of
Desired political beliefs
Journalism: the toy
For a subtle war of changing perceptions.
And disorientating people from their identity and culture.
Political turmoil continues...

Convenient truths,
Twisted truths,
Purposely confusing
Highly biased opinions
Unbiased just superficially,
Insensitive and irresponsible,
Or insensitive and so irresponsible?
Distorting context,
Painting the news in desired colors
And shades,
Manipulating emotions of people,
For calculated results.
For well-planned strategic goals for damaging the thought process of people.
Infusing hatred, dividing people against each other.
Political turmoil continues...
We have to be part of it
Watching the games silently.

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