Poem-A-Day Celebration 2016

From tomorrow, 1st of April we’ll begin Poem-A-Day (PAD) challenge. I’ll try to post a new poem(s) every day. Before we begin the challenge, I pray to my Lord Sadgurudeva and Maa Saraswati for their blessings for more new poems.

Poems are blessings,
Poems are a celebration of life,
Poems are the life.

Image: Parijat Flowers

Poems are the growth,
Poems are Sadhana.
Poems, poems, and poems
Celebrating poems
For a complete month.
One poem every day
Or why just one?
Countless words for 
The flowers of poems
Dear Gurudeva,
Maa Saraswati,
Please accept my prayers,
Bless new poems every day.
The poems 
That will bloom like the spring bloom.
The poems 
That will be refreshing and soothing like summer rain showers.
The poems 
That will tell an untold story
And sing a forgotten eternal song of life.
The poems 
That will be the light of enlightenment
The lighthouse to show me the direction
If I lose it in the tides of emotions.
The poems
That will reveal the deep meaning of life.
The poems
That will motivate me to fulfill my purpose of life.
The poems and songs
That will become my strength when I feel weak.
The poems
That will become my friend when I feel lonely.
The poems
That will become my guide when I feel confused.
The poems 
That will be my courage when need to stand firm against all odds.
The poems
That will grow me as a poet and as a human being.
Dear Maa
Please bless poems…
Please bless beautiful words.

The important point I would like to mention is that the poems written in the first person poetic voice are not necessarily about the poet, in this case, me. 

Let's celebrate poetry together.

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