Poem: Embrace The Infinity

Look up in the sky
My love is infinite.
Don’t try to measure it,
Don't suspect it.
You’ll miss embracing the infinity.
The infinite love for you, 
My infinite love for you.
Embrace the infinity of the sky,
My infinite love for you.
Just for you.....

Image: Blue Sky

Do I need to express it?
To you,
How would you measure it?
The infinity of the sky,

Can you measure it?
When you measure the love,
What you realize isn't the complete love...
I never measured the sky
I never measured the love.
What is it for you?
Why is it so deep?
Why is love infinite?
I loved to love for the love,
I love to love for the love,
I love to live for the love,
For your love.

Extend your arms
Not to understand it,
Not to measure it,
Not to define,
Not to name it.
Extend your arms to embrace the infinity
My infinite love for you,
Beyond the material world.
Beyond the material limits and definitions.
Not confined in the worldly desires,
My infinite love.
It was there when you didn't know I exist in this world.
It was there when you didn't notice,  I love you.
It was always there.
Around you,
Embracing you,
Your existence,
You doubt it.
Is it real or fake?
What does it need?
What does it need to stay alive?
What does it need to grow?
What should I do?
How can I understand?
What does love need?
Love desires?
Love doesn't need anything.
I embraced the infinity.
I embraced the love for the love.
If you embrace it
Your heart will feel my love...
I was always there.
I am always there.
With you!
Let's live that infinite love,
That sky infinity.
Life is short,
But love is forever.
Let's live it 
For us
For you and me
Where 'you' and 'me' melt in the infinite love.
For the infinite sky love
The infinite love
Which will never separate us
Let's live it 
The infinite love.

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