Poem: The Sufferer

Today's poem tells two angles of emotional abuse how a sufferer fights for their survival and try to manage life, maintaining their emotional well-being and how the people around them might interpret their behavior wrongly. 

Finger Painting: Tears of emotional abuse sufferer

Finger painting: Tears of Emotional and psychological abuse victim

Sufferer alone 
Knows the misery of the abuse
The world may judge them,
The world may criticize,
Increasing their stress only.
Sufferer tries to heal the emotional wounds
Begin to work again...
The world may interpret them as swelled-headed
For their silence
Sufferer never shows bleeding wounds to the world.
The world may interpret them as a cheater
Sufferer keeps fighting their war with the agony alone.

"Why me?
What have I done wrong?
How can I correct that I don't even know?
What should I correct to stop those emotional attacks?
Will anybody listen?
Can anybody understand?", 
The battle of emotions screams silently with muted tears.
The world may interpret them as self-centered
Sufferer just keeps trying to clean their unseen wounds.
The world may interpret the sufferer as an egoistic,
The Sufferer only tries to keep the courage alive to stand against the perpetrators,
Just to survive the day-to-day battle.
The world may interpret sufferer as a liar
The Sufferer only tries to conceal aching wounds, the perpetrators give every day.
The Sufferer has to conceal the wounds
To protect themselves from receiving new scars by unkind people.
The world may feel sufferer as strange bird,
Those who never suffered,
Those who never felt for others,
Those cold people may feel the sufferer as strange bird,
But they just fight a difficult battle
Which makes them different from others.
The battle
That keeps them
When the world interprets them as
Scared, weak and lost,
The Sufferer keeps themselves busy in creating their own path silently.
They know, they have to create it alone
They know, they have to walk it alone
They just don't want their beloved friends to know their suffering.....
It's the love exploited by the loved ones
The sufferer fights their battle for survival... alone!

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