Poem: Open Cage With No Escape

A poem on emotional and psychological abuse sketching the cage that psychological abuse creates. 

Text Image: Open Cage With No Escape

The cage
With all the doors open
With no escape

An illusory freedom
For show-off,
A great show of fake emotions,
Perfect drama of love and care
For whom?

For the world of the abuser,
For the unkind, insensitive world of the abuser
Where the victim is portrayed as a culprit,
Where the abuser plays the victim
With fake tears of fake love,
Unending game of abuse,
Abuse of tender loving victim
Abuse in the name of love,
Abusing tender-minded victim
Creating a toxic cage 
For the life of the victim
A cage
Without doors,
Without locks,
Yet without freedom
Yet never recognizable
Self-centered abuser.....
With a mask
For the world of the abuser
Emotional abuse 
An invisible prison
Where the victimizer cuts the wings of the victim
In the name of extreme protection
Forcing the isolation
Where isolation extends
And extends 
And extends
A cage
Where the victim keeps correcting nonexistent mistakes
Forcing the victim to live with the guilt about being born!
Emotional abuse
Where preachy people glorify the abuser,
Deny the abuse,
The misery of the victim.
Cold, heartless cage
With no escape

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