The Magic of Love

If you are sad, if you are hurt...I wish to sing a song for you!

Image : Magic of Love

I Wish To Write A New Song Again!
Which Will Relieve All Your Pains Once Again
Which Will Touch Your Soul Once Again
I Know You Are Wounded
I Know Your Are Hurt And Sad!
I Wish To Sing That New Song
To Bring The Smile On Your Face
Once Again! Just Once Again!
Whenever You Feel Sad And Hurt
Will You Sing This Song….
Once Again! Just Once Again?
I Know This Pain Is Not Healed By Words!
I Know The Wound Is Not Healed By The Words
But This Song Is Not Just Song Of Words!
This Song Is Not Just Poetry
This Is The Love Which Flows As Words
And Becomes A Song Of The Heart!
Song Of The Love!
Once Again!
This Song Is The Pain And Wound
Which Is Healed And Became The Love!
You Never Knew I Felt Your Pain
Again And Again!
I Felt Your Pain B’coz I Have Lived Your Pain
And I Feel The Love
B’coz I Am The Love Now!
I Cannot Meet You Wipe Your Tears…
Hey, Don’t Cry….Please!
I Can’t Meet You To Wipe Your Tears…
I Can’t See You Sad, Eyes Full Of Tears..
Hey I Just Can’t….
Are You Listening To This Song Of Love?
Will You Smile?
Just For Me?
Once Again!
When Your Eyes Are Full Of Tears,
Always Remember Someone Cares For You…
Someone Wants To See You Smiling….
Someone Really Really Cares For You….
Yeah..For You!
Will You Smile?
Just For the ‘Love’
Love on This Earth!
Love Gifted By the God…
For All of Us……
Hey Please……..Just Smile
Once Again!
I Know Your Eyes Are Full Of Love
And They Are Smiling Now….
You Are Smiling…Now!
My Sweet Dear Friend…
You Are Smiling For Me….
I Know When the Feeling Of Love
Touches Your Heart
When This Song of Pain
Turns into Song of Love
When This Love Touches Your Heart
Touches Your Soul
Can You Cry
Your Smile Makes Me Smile
Your Tears Make Me Cry!
Your Pure Heart Makes Me Sing This Song of Love
Once Again and Again And Again!
O my dearest Divine Soul…
Feel the Love and the divine
Again And Again
Again And Again!


  1. you song a healing touch, you are living in a concrete jungle, a materil world. cares for fellow beings, with spiritual thinking, your feelings are beyond imagination, fighting against all social evils, but you are not social being, how u cope with it.  are you a 'karan janm' ? sambhavami yuge yuge...... Nataraj T Devang

  2. small correction....
    read my comment as '' your song a healing touch''.  the typing error 'you song a healing touch' is ignored.

  3. Wonderfully written, Mohini! I was really moved by the poem. Like I have said before, you have a really special talent for writing. Keep it up.

  4.  :) Happy you loved it...:)


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