Lost In 'Love'

Is there any word and scripture, any spiritual path which can describe the love of Radha and Krishna…..?

Everything is incomplete, when the Love knows the Love…..by Radha and Krishna!

Image : Flower expressing the feeling of lost in love

These Words Are Flowers
These Words Are Blessings

These Words Are the Love
Not Just My ‘Feelings’

These Words Have Crossed
The Limits of Time
These Words Have Reached
The Eternal Love
Which Was In the Heart Of You And Me
Beating as ‘Love’ Only

I Love You from the Time
I Didn’t Know
You Didn’t Know
I Love You from the Time
I Didn’t Know You
I Love You from the Time
I Love You From The Time……
I Didn’t Know You
You Didn’t Know Me
I Love You from the Day This
World Was Born
I Loved You From Before the Day
This World Was Born
I Loved In the Darkest Darkness
Of The Life and Death
I Loved You From The
Time I Didn’t Know
Your and Mine ‘Fate’
I Loved You from the Time
I Thought ‘You’ Different From ‘Me’
I Loved Like a ‘Mad’
When You Were Beating In My Heart
‘Becoming Me’
You Shown Me Your Presence
In Every Breath
Every Smile
Every Tear
Every Moment!
I Didn’t Know You Loved Me
From The Time I Didn’t Know
I Was So Cruel With You
I Ignored My Heartbeat
I Ignored You When
You Were Saying
‘I Love You’
‘I Love You’
I Didn’t Feel Your Purest ‘Breath’
When It was Saying
‘I love You’
‘I love You’
Your Every ‘Breath’
Is Just ‘The Love’
My ‘Radha’
Your Every Breath Is Just ‘Love’
My ‘Krishna’


  1. your answer is always ---- 'speech less ' to my every comment. but you write much about krishna in your poetry, even your breath filled with HIM. yours speech filled with HIM, your every act HIM, perception, you are totally in the trance of Krishna, ham sab ko bhool nahi jana. 

  2.  Again speechless.....

    The depth of the poems is such that I can't explain, only sharing the poems, but your comments reflect that depth touched you, that's why I become speechless.....Natarajji...