Swami Vivekananda - The Light of Gyana

These thoughts are like a Diary of a Mumukshu who turned to Mukta or Devotee…..or really ‘Nothing!’ The title says, Swami Vivekananda as Light of Gyana not Sun. A stage beyond material world where exists only Light, infinite light.

Some gems of this blessed beautiful life on the Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and who has blessed my life completely. Happy Youth Day to you all, make the life happy and meaningful by following immortal thoughts of Swamiji!

Some years back I had to live in hostel, which was full of wrong things like addictions and many other things which are very fashion in the name of modernity.  That place was a hell for me. I had the fear, if I change…then? I used to keep Swami Vivekananda’s Biography always. Whenever I used to get tensed, I used to read it. Swamiji’s words always helped me in college and studies too.

 I saw the disgusting characterless lives of youth which is enjoyment and fun according to them. I had my goals of life and I didn’t wish to deviate from it. Seriously I did not have a single moment of peace when I was in the Hostel. One day I got the address of Ramrkishna Math, when I reached there, I saw Swamiji’s Photo, I was in tears….I really can’t tell what I felt. It was meaningless to tell anything to the confused youth. And I wished my salvation….Swamiji’s words were the only help for me. I didn’t know The Ramayana that time, not even Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta. But I used to read only Swamiji’s words and Swamiji’s Biography.  The first book I read of Him was ‘Vendata ani Jeevan’ means the Vedanta applied in the life.  I was just 13. I don’t know what I understood exactly..But some lines, changed my life, they were,

“There are two types of people, the one who do not compromise their principles but reach the height of the principles. And the second type of people is those who compromise with the principles according to their lives.  Which type of life do you have?”

Of course my little brain decided to reach and live all the highest principles may they look impossible in today’s world, may people laugh, may people think them impossible…whatever may happen…no compromise with principles.  

I feel I am the luckiest in the world; my family gave me Swami Vivekananda’s thoughts at the right age.

Swamiji has awakened the west that was running behind material desires, but He has also awakened the East who was confused with their own ancient knowledge due to invasions. Both lives are awakened…and still awakening. Swamiji’s love for this mankind is really unparalleled. His sacrifice, to awaken the people is unimaginable. His knowledge is incomparable. His devotion is highest. His love for all is beyond the material words…He is …He is the sun who is showing the light for all the world from ages and ages….

Shame on those who bring religious hatred everywhere and try to defame Hinduism.  You can never understand this culture if you live with narrow concepts of believer – non believer, idol worshiper etc. 

 Swamiji! You are the light of the Gyana!
You awakened the people from
And brought the world
To the sun of Advaita
You shown the Peace
To this material world
Mad for material desires
 Who forgot the path of eternal bliss
Who made only depressed lives
Who thought to be modern
But were in the darkness
Thought to be Gyani but
Were in the superstitions.
You sacrificed
To spread the love and peace
You never tired
You never stopped
You never had rest
You worked to
Eradicated the pains
The poverty, the tears
The confusions, the fears
You answered everything
You ended everything
You made me strong
You were my guide always
Like a friend…..a true friend
I was worried about material world
Material desires and
The madness of lusts, addictions around
I was sad seeing the
Madness of the youth
I ran away
From all the material world
Met You!
Keep meeting you Again and again!
Your immortal thoughts are really
Oxygen for this mankind!
Where spirituality was just business
You selflessly helped the helpless lives
They even cheated you
You didn’t stop
You taught me
the path of karma
Selfless karma
You taught me
the path of devotion
eternal love for the Krishna
you taught me
the path of gyana
The knowledge
The supreme knowledge
You ended all the questions
Your voice, your speech
Divine light of Gyana
For centuries and ages
You are immortal
Your thoughts, your words are blessings
You meet me always in your words
You bless me always
Your eyes are the eternal love
For this mankind!
A selfless true Sanyasi!
A warrior
A guide for spirituality
A friend
Who are you?
Swamiji, who are you?
You had extreme pains
But you never stopped
You blessed Sister Nivedita
She worked for our Bharat Mata
Pleae bless me!
Please bless me!
My every breath for my motherland
For my culture!
For humanity!
For peace and for the love!
Only love, true love!
Please bless me!
Still innocent
Just like the way I used to be!
I am not a Gyani!
I am not a Devotee!
I am not a Yogi!
I am really ‘Nothing’
But if you bless me…
This material body
This mohinee
Can spead the advaita
Please bless me….
I can never be a great Sanyasi!
Please bless me!
Just like Sarada Mataji used to bless us!
Will you?
You know,
I used to watch you for long long time
To feel the Gyana, Vivek and Purity
Completely detached from all the desires…
Now, I am writing all this,
When I suddenly saw your photo,
I used to see in those years.
I used to be in tears
I was in the trap of this material madness.
I survived and I won only because of you Swamiji!
I am survived from fake spiritual people!
I am survived from all
The illusions and confusions…
Sometimes I used to get angry
Because my little brain can’t still understand the great knowledge by YOU!
You know I trust you like,…
I really can’t tell, can’t express…
I always feel…
You tell me the right path
Just  like a true friend..
Yes! Of course your words are immortal!
They are divine blessings for the mankind!
They are the solution of all the problems…
Today I again saw your photo,
Your selfless life…
Your work for the mankind
Your immortal work for all of us…
I am again in tears
Just like the way I used to be!
But you know?....
Yeah! You know…..
I am complete now!
Not worried, not tensed!
Not confused! Not crying!
These tears are tears of
The feeling where all the feelings end…
All your words have come true…
The light which I used to see outside
Was and is always within ‘Me’
I am not different form the Gyana!
I am not different from the Bhakti..The Devotion!
I am lost Myself in Karma…
Now! I am complete…
Yoga is ‘One’
Not different Paths…
Yoga is Advaita!
Yoga Reached the ‘Samadhi’
Advaita brought the ‘Oneness’
Which was always there!
Everything vanished!
Everything is going on with some destined pace…
Nothing is Here…
Still everything is Here only…
The ‘Ego’, The ‘Me’, The ‘You’
Everything is here…
Still nothing is here…
You must be happy na!
You know, this little kid,
who used to find you,
in your words,
then you answered all my questions!
‘I used to read!’
‘I am writing’
Nothing is changed…
Still everything is new but the same!
The Advaita is spreading
The Eternity, Love and The Supreme Truth.
This diary has begun a new chapter when everything is finished…….


Dear Youth! Don't waste the life in Addictions, Set a highest goal for life and go grab it! You don't enjoy life by addictions, but addictions enjoy you! Always remember! This human life is for divinity! Reach the highest, meet the best and live the best, purest! 

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  2. Amazing post that i ever read about this prodigy ..

    wonderfully portrayed !

  3. i wonder to see the time of your writings always 2,3, etc AM. you woke up when the world is sleeping, you woke up to awake the mankind, light the dark world, lead them to know to know about PEACE. all the best.

  4. Marvelous !

    Love your poetry so much... Every time your words makes me feel calm and thoughtful...it seems like I'm reading the same thing as I use to think but never pen down!

    You are my star! keep making  this illusion world awake :)
    Love ya Mohu <3

  5.  <3 ya Simu...I can understand...:)

  6. :) Thanks Natarajji...:)

  7. Welcome Deepak, Thanks....:)


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