The Morning Beauty

Bharateeya (Indian) philosophy and scriptures teach us the importance of Brahmamuhurta. This is the point of end of the night and beginning of the day. Brahmamuhurta is most ideal time for Sadhana and Meditation. We get blessings of The God – The Paremeshwar and Sages. 

About Brahmamuhurta a great information and explanation is given on at Brahma- Muhurta- The Time of Rising From Bed - Nityananda Chandra by Kurma Dasa. I am really thankful to this wonderful site and authors who give the complete guidance on BrahmaMuhurta.

After the Brahmamuhurta a new morning arrives telling us some secrets of success and life………..

Image showing Sky in the Brahmamuhurta
 Just Feel The Beauty of BrahmaMuhurta

Every Morning’s So Beautiful
Filled With New Colors
When The Cool Wind Touches Me
I Open The Eyes
To Meet My Smiling Life
The Peace Of Morning
Makes Me Divine
Little Darkness
Little Redness
The God Tells Me
His Presence
Every New Morning
New Creation Of The God
A New Life
That Brings Smiles To All
Darkness Turns To Orange
Silence Turns To Sweet Talk Of Birds
My Heart Experiences
The New Joys
New Hopes
And New Smiles
To Meet The World
With Smiling Eyes
A New Prayer
Is Born From The Heart
Lord! Give The Smile
 To Every Heart
May The Peace Spread Everywhere
May Everybody Work With Full Care
May The Bliss Fill Every Heart
May The Sorrows Leave This Earth
Tears Turn To Smile Everywhere
  Our Life May Become Free
From All Diseases
But Filled With The Purity Of Love
Each Divine Morning
We May Worship You
The Worship May Become
The Eternal Love For You
The Orange Tells Me
To Forget The Darkness
The Redness Tells Me
To Embrace The Happiness
Slowly The Sun Comes
To Answer My Prayers
The Sun Smiles
A New Day Starts
For A New Life
This Morning Beauty
Makes Me Mad
Every Day A New Beauty
And A New Hope
A New Effort To Win
The New Challenge
The Sun Teaches Karmoyoga
I Start Take A New Challenge
Today Is The New Opportunity
To Correct All The Mistakes
Today Is The New Gift
To Make Life More Beautiful
Today Is The New Faith
To Work For The Mankind
Today Is The New Joy
To Forget The Sorrows Wind
Morning Opens The New Door
To Work With New Pleasure
Morning Beauty Tells The Secret
To Spread The Love From Heart’s Depth
Just Like The Rays Of Sun Reach Each Home
Reach Every Heart To Spread Magic Of Love
Make Someone Happy
Spread Some Purity
Tell Someone Hope
Spread Somewhere Success
Life Is Short If We Cry
Life Is Eternal If We Love
Conquer The Death
Experience The Bliss
You Are Beyond Limits
Just Like Morning Rays Of Light
Open The Eyes
Wake Up From The Night Of Agyana
 Know Your Soul
Know Your Beauty

In the above poem two Sanskrit Words are used as some words cannot be replaced by other language.  

1) KarmaYoga- Karma and Yoga both are now English words. But Karma and Yoga are comprehensive words in the spiritual context. Karmayoga means when we work our best just to work the best and forgetting about the fruit. It becomes KarmaYoga. Our 'Me' - ego dissolves completely while working. The pure Karma becomes then Divine and lead to KarmaYoga in our life. To reach this level forever the life is very difficult, but it's not impossible at all. If we feel our freedom from our 'Me' for only one moment, then it is our beginning to reach that Highest Karmayoga. Then our peace within remains undisturbed in all circumstances of Life. That is the teaching of Sun. The Sun - the most ideal inspiring example of Karmayoga is explained very beautifully in BhagwataKatha (Spiritual Discourse on ShrimadBhagwatam) by H. H. Shri Rameshbhai Ozaji, known as Bhaishri. Know more about Pujya Bhaishri at

2).Agyana - Second word from Sanskrit in the poem is Agyana. Here Agyana means we think ourselves limited to material body only and don't know our Aatma -Soul. When we realize the oneness of Aatama and Paramatma, we can say Soul and The God not exactly but something similar to meaning Aatma and Paramatma, our Agyana vanishes and we become eternal. 

Some of the lines from "May The Peace Spred.... " to " ..From All Diseases"in the above poem are similar to the prayer,

"Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaha
Sarve Santu Niramayaha
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu
Ma Kashchit Dukhabhagbhavet"

"सर्वे  भवन्तु सुखिनः 
सर्वे सन्तु निरामया:
सर्वे  भद्राणि पश्यन्तु
मा कश्चित दु:ख भाग्भवेत "

A poem which will make your morning divine I Meet The God from Gurukripa.