O My Words

Dedicated to my words…These words are blessings - ‘The Gurukripa’. How can an ordinary person like me write all this!...

Image : Neelkanthvarni Bhagwan - Dhule BAPS Swaminarayan Temple
O My words! You are beautiful flowers of The God!
You are For The God!

O My Words!

Where Have You Gone?
Why Don’t You Meet Me?
You Were Expression Of Love

You Are Expression Of Heart
What Happened To Me
What Happened To You
You Are The Gems Of My Life
You Are The Blessings Of The God
You Are That Wonder Which
Made Blessing To My Life
Why Are You Silent Today?
Have I Ignored You?
Have I Stopped You?
You Are My Dearest Angels
Flying In The World
To Spread The Secret
Of L0ve And Smile
You Are My Divine Medicine
To Cure The Wounded Heart
I Love You So Much,
You Were Like 'Lil Fresh Waterfall
Now You Are Like A Lake
Calm And Silent
I Was Writing You
'Lil Angels Of Language
The Blessings Of God
You Made Me Poetess
You Made Me Special
You Are Not Just Words
You Are Not Just Words
You Are Miracle
Of This World
You Bring New Hope
In Tired Depressed Eyes
You Bring New Smile On
My Sad Lips
When I Am Confused
I Meet You Again
You Show Me Path
Once Again And Again And Again
Sometimes You Become My Mirror
Show Me The Beauty Of Soul
Sometimes You Become My Friend
Show Me The Unexpressed Love
Sometimes You Become The Sun
Sometimes The Moon
Show Me Light
In Days And Nights
I Pray To You
Please Come Back
You Are Sacred Mantras
For Me
You Are My Guide
To Meet The God
When I Write You
I Feel All The Wonders Of The Life
When I Write You
I Feel The Fragrance
Of Flowers Everywhere
When I Meet You
Again And Again
I Get My Lost Courage
To Fight With The Problems
O My Words!
You Made My Life
‘Beautiful’ ‘Peaceful’
An Everlasting State
Which Every ‘Yogi’ Wish To Reach
You Made My Ordinary Life
You Made My Simple Moments
When I Write You
I Feel The Presence Of The God
When I Read You Again
I Feel The God’s Voice In You
You Are The Meaning
"Santyam Shivam Sundaram"