To search some peace, I am reading Yogavashishtha Ramayan from some days. In Yogavashishtha Upasham- Prakaran 78 Sarga, and some sargas before 78, I found the story of Queen Chudala. The story about how she experienced the Gyana – The Supreme Truth, The Eternal Bliss and she has explained that what are her feelings when she was experiencing the Paramatma. (I am referring Yogavashishtha published by Geetapress, Gorakhpur).

Something similar, the experience of Advaita which is beyond the words is somewhat expressed here…it is  very very deep.

The glory of Bharateeya (Indian) culture lies in ADVAITA. When many conflicts and wars happened and still going on due to the psychology to force others to accept the some particular faith, Advaita teaches the complete peace, Advaita teaches the oneness, which ends all such conflicts. That is the reason I love Hindutva – The Bharteeya Culture

So here is the poem on Advaita…
Image showing Rising Sun expressing The Advaita Sun - The Gyana, peace of Gyana in fast paced life
The Sun behind the buildings is the symbolic pic to show The Advaita is the way to find the peace in today's fast life

Walking On This Road
From Ages
Carrying The Endless
Thoughts From Ages
Searching For Peace
Searching For Rest
Wandering I Am
Without Single Moment Rest
I Thought I Will Meet You Here
So Was Running Like A Mad
Here And There
I Waited For A Miracle To Happen
Forgetting The Miracle
Which Is Already Happened
I Am Searching The Peace Of Mind
I Am Experiencing It Beyond The Mind
Peace Is Within Me
Not In The World
Both Are Just Illusion
Me And World Everything Is “ONE”
Peace Is Everywhere
Nothing Inside-Outside
Where Everything Is Beyond Inside – Outside
Where All The Words Stop
Peace Begins
Where All The Feelings Stop
Love Begins
Where All The Conflicts Stop
Advaita Is Felt
Salvation Is Not Beyond Death
Not Beyond Life
Salvation Is Everywhere
When We Experience Advaita
Advaita Means Oneness
Advaita Means Eternal Bliss
Advaita Is The Destiny
Which Is Within Oneself
Advaita Is Compassion
Advaita Is Eternal Love
Advaita Is Feeling Behind Every Feel
Advaita Is Beyond Every Feel

Please see the Poem on Eternal Bliss too.


  1. agreed advaita is beyond every feel :-) Good post.. Mohinee :-)

    Someone is Special

  2. Thanks SiS.....:)

  3. Extremely beautiful poem describing Advaita. I have read about philosophy of Advaita  expounded by Adi Sankara. Never tried to fathom the meaning and significance of this philosophy. Probably shall more time in future trying to understand this. 

  4. Beautiful Mohu :)
    When I read your poems I feel so relax and pure..

    Love you so much!! :)

  5. Dear Ramakrishnanji, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I am also fascinated by Advaita philosophy when I read the biography and work of Adi Shankara. And from that time trying to understand it more and more deeply...:). I am glad you liked this poem.

  6. Hi Simo,

    Thank you so much sweetheart...I am always waiting for your you too...:)

  7. nicely written.reading itself gives peace of mind


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