Enlightening Deepawali

Today is the day of Deepawali. The biggest festival of Bharat (India) celebrated globally too. Deepawali, the festival which represents the rich, ancient and highest civilized culture of Bharat and Sanatan Dharma. Deepawali is not a single day festival, different festivals come daily within it.  The festival which spreads the joy, the love and prosperity.

 The brother and sister selling the auspicious flowers of Marigold. People decorate homes and vehicles by these flowers on Deepawali.

Today, I am so happy to share the importance of the divine days which occur in this festival with all of you.

Gauvatsadwadashi - Worship of Cow and her calf on Dvadashi (12 day of Ashwin krishna Paksha)

Dhanatrayodashi - Worship of Lord Dhanvantari who is the god of Ayurveda and the day of shopping. (Trayodashi of Ashwin Krishna Paksha)

Narkchaturdashi- The day when Lord Krishna killed the Narakasura and freed the sixteen thousand women which the asura had kidnapped. This day is to celebrate killing of that Asura. (Ashwin Krishna Chaturdashi)

Laxmipujan - Worship of Mother Goddess Laxmi. Mother Goddess Laxmi is the goddess of Wealth, prosperity. People ask us usually, why do we have so many gods and goddesses? Here is something which I realized by The God's grace in the journey of Supreme truth.

The Idols of Mother Goddess Laxmiji 
Today we bring them home to worship on Laxmipujan, then it's not idol, She is our mother Laxmiji

The reason of joys and sorrows in life is the attachment in every Karma, our wealth, the attachment in the material world. To make the mind free from all the attachments and to experience the eternal bliss without conflicts is almost impossible. Especially when we try to achieve this by reading philosophical books and working inevitably in the material world it becomes very difficult to understand and practice it. We can't leave our duties. But we want the peace too. For this reason, I feel the worship of The God in different forms is done in our culture. This worship stops conflicts of mind and make it free from ego, tensions, worries but we get devotion and dedication. 

The wealth should be earned without doing injustice with rights of others. For this reason, Mother Goddess Laxmiji is worshiped. She gives us wealth and prosperity with health and mainly without loosing a peaceful sleep. Also the money earned by wrong means which is famous as black money nowadays, affects our Buddhi and we lose the Sadasadavivekbuddhi (Sat + Asat+ Vivek + Buddhi means the ability to think with what is right and what is wrong, not only think, then to choose the right and leave the wrong.) 

So the easiest way is to worship the Mother for the wealth and prosperity while performing our duties.

Have you ever noticed that the flame of a Deep (clay lamp with oil and cotton )and the shape of the eyes are same? The Deep spreads the light in the darkness and in a same way, the spiritual knowledge of Sanatan Dharma enlightens our heart to experience the Eternal Bliss by opening our Eyes of Knowledge of Truth and Viveka.

Balipratipada - Padva :This is very auspicious day, the Pratipada (first day of Kartik in the fortnight when full moon comes, that is called as shukla paksha. Means Kartik Sukla Pratipada) This is the Muhurt in the very auspicious 3 and half muhurtas. This will be celebrated to tomorrow. Annakut is also celebrated on Balipratipada. Annakut is celebrated by offering different dishes to The God as a symbol of the love and devotion towards The God. New year is also started on Balipratipada according to Vikram Samvat.

Yamadvitiya - Bhaiduj - The second day of Kartik shukla paksha. This is day of love of brother and sister also the day of worship of Chitragupta (God who watches and notes all our Karmas) and Yama (God of Death.)

Sanatan Dharma is very deep, we celebrate all these festivals naturally from birth. We experience the divine joy of the festival but can't express fully.

So, brothers, sisters and friends join us on this Deewali......

Let's enlighten our hearts with the Deep of Gyana.......

Happy and Enlightening Deepawali.

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