Bharat, People and Politics

Namaste friends! From some days I am not posting political articles. We have a lot of burning issues in Bharat and everyday news of scams, the corruption movement is keeping us engaged. Though, I am not writing on politics these days. I have spent time in analyzing the psychology of common people who are Facebook users mainly and the people who don’t know anything about social networking, i.e. people on ground level. It took a long time for me and couldn’t focus on writing. What I realized is all in all people are confused. And they are intentionally more confused by media, politicians, so called civil society. And the continuous and well planned brainwash of common people is going on.
This results in frustration, lack of patriotism. The people who want to do something for country spend very good time in fighting and debating with each other in illogical ways. And yes, they are taught to do so, though they don’t understand they are used by someone else. I wish to give only one example, the security and integrity of any country must be prime issue of concern, then rest of the others. But a well planned strategy made JanaLokpal bill is the solution to save the country. Even Janalokpal bill can find solution on terrorism indirectly (I received some messages from Team Anna or their supporters having this meaning.) I can’t say the IAC as really against corruption movement because this movement has indirectly or directly strengthened the govt.  In no country or no democratic system people can expect to pass a strong anti corruption bill like Jana Lok Pal Bill from a govt. which is already corrupt, whose ministers are in jail and everyday one more name comes in 2G scam. Now the names are reaching to PM also. And Mr. Anna Hajare is singing the same RAGA of Janalokpal bill. How much this civil society will fool the common people? After Prashant Bhusan’s statement about Kashmir, nobody can support civil society or Anna Hajare. The bomb blasts are going on regularly as a routine part of our lives. The communal riots or jehads are going on in different cities. China has deployed 4000 men including troops in PoK. Love jehad is going on with its plans and preparations. People are as usual diverted by media. Many people are enjoying their lives and they don’t have to do anything with country’s problems. Those who know something still don’t understand the security threats. Many intellectuals live in their dreamland of pseudo secularism, non violence, love for Pakistan, their over confidence on their brain don’t allow them to study the facts and news of the country.  Those who want to do something, wastes time in rubbish things like commenting on Mr Digivjay, Kapil Sibbal…..

My brain was and is saturated seeing all this. What are the roots of problems? The more and more I go deep, realize something new and shocking. Also I am trying to search the solutions. All these things make me restless. So for some days I stopped the politics articles. I am sorry for that.

Also I am frustrated a bit; we need something more than writing and reading articles. We need the people who are focused to devote time to understand the roots and strategies.  Mainly most of people have attachment in particular party or leader or people. Our first attachment should be to our country and its ancient culture. The leader whose policies and work is for the country and of course for the culture and not the appeasement of anti national elements, such leader is needed in the national politics.
This 20 oct we are entering the 50th year of Indo- China war. What is current situation? Do common people know anything about the modern wars, strategies? Are they prepared for that? We are living with the mentality of Non – Violence and Hunger strikes. Just imagine how are we going to face China plus Pakistan with this mentality?

Please Search 'Indo - China war' words on search engine. And...... 

Think over it. Be prepared. Be focused. Stay Alert and stay UNITED.