Your Love

 Experience the Love and Magic of Lord Krishna. 

Your Love Is
   Like Fresh Morning Flower
Your Smile Is
End Of All Sorrows
Your Hands, Your Touch
End Of All The Wounds
Your Silence Is
The Song Of Love
Your Words Are
The Music Of My Life
Your Eyes Are
The Rays Of Hope
Your Love Is
So Serene….
Your Love, Your Love
Your Voice Is
Meaning Of Love
Your Purest Heart
The Hope To Live
I’ve Never Met You
I Feel You Every Moment
Never Talked With You
Still My Heartbeat
My Every Breath
Is Telling, Is Singing
Story Of ‘Your Love’
I Don’t Know
Where Are You
I Miss You Every Moment
My Words Tell Story Of 'Your Love' Only
Your Love Changed Me
‘Me’ Has Become ‘Your Love’ Now
My Eyes Search You Everywhere
But Your Love Is Such
World Find You In My Eyes
I Am Waiting To Meet You
World Is Meeting You In My Words
Your Love Is Such A Magic
Touching Every Heart

When I Close Eyes
Meet You Inside
When I Open The Eyes
Feel You In Front Of Eyes
Still I Am Missing You
Every Moment
Your Love Made Me 'Radha'
Your Love Made Me "The Love'


Comment By Barnali Bagchi

Dear friends! You can see in comments the issue regarding an Image of Radha Krishna which is a creation of the artist Ms Barnali Bagchi. I am posting this important clarification regarding that image. I had a friend Portia Burton with this blog - She was like my sister. Due to the issue about her identity, which didn't seem real, I had to stop communication with her. When we were good friends, as a devotee of Lord Krishna she gifted me the above discussed painting. She told me that this painting is drawn by her friend Barnali Bagchi on Silk. When she gave me the gift, I wanted to show gratitude and immense respect for the artist and the feelings of Portia Burton, so I asked Portia that may I publish this image on my blog. She happily gave me permission. So, I posted it here with my poem to express the gratitude. Please note that, I didn't take this image to make my blog more famous. In fact, this blog is focused on the articles and poems. When I posted the image, I had mentioned the credit to Ms Barnali Bagchi. I have removed this image now. I apologize Ms Barnali for the trouble she had to face in which I became the indirect reason. 

Now, the question someone may feel, have I done anything Unethical? Portia was good friend of mine. She was an artist, so anybody can believe that any of her artist friend might have given the painting to her. This and many blogs share many posts related to friends, dedicate posts to friends, and show the gratitude too. This blog is not the professional blog. I haven't use the image for any commercial purpose. And, I had given the credit to Barnali Bagchi too till it was on my blog. ( Pl Refer comment screenshot by Barnali, she came to know about Portia as I had mentioned about image gift by Portia ). Clearly, I didn't have any intention to earn anything, money, fame or anything from the image. When we are friend with someone, we trust them. This trust cause such mistakes. The lesson from this experience for me is before making friends or any relation we should be very careful.


  1. Only  the soul who has become one with HIM can write such poem. This is not a poem. IT IS A SACRED HYMN TO BE CHANTED EVERY DAY!

  2. Beautiful Mohu..
    I feel so please after reading your poems !
    So pure and beautiful feelings reflects your innocent heart through your words!

    Keep Expressing :)

  3. Very beautiful Mohinee.. The artist is very talented.. Thanks for giving us the link.. I will explore the artist blog soon..

    Someone is Special

  4. Divine art, beautiful words.. together they are creating Magic!

  5. Thank you so much Dear Friends for your love for this work. :)

  6. Hi Admin,

    Who is Portia? May I ask. I am Barnali Bagchi and I don't know anyone by the name of Portia. Besides this is a digital painting and not done on any black silk. I must insist that the person named Portia who claims to be my friend is a cheat and fraud and publishing false information about me and my hard labour as a digital artist. And most importantly I don't even know her and she is not my friend. My artworks can be seen at my official facebook page at

    I insist this image be instantly removed from this blog as I have not authorized its usage. Because of the false claim that this painting is done on silk, I am getting many mails for the purchase of the original silk piece and since I do not have any my position with prospective buyers is getting jeopardized and they think I am a fraud to have released it over the internet that the painting is done on silk. I request the admin of this blog to take action immediately.

    I can be contacted at for any further discussion.

    Barnali Bagchi

  7. Namaste Dear Barnali,

    Thank you for contacting. My sincere apologies for whatever happened. I don't use the work which is not authorized to use. As soon as I read your comment, I have immdiately removed your image. This painting was gifted to me by Portia. I had given the link of her blog in the post. You can visit her blog She was friend of mine and many other blogger friends. She claimed that she is a painter and an artist. She also claimed that this pic is given by you to her. As I respect your work, I gave your name too. When some of the friends felt the person might not be of what she is claiming, I stopped communicating her. It's really disgusting thing, that she has stolen your hard work. I have seen your photo, used by someone else, and I asked that to remove that photo too.
    I could never guess the person is this much fraud. I am a poetess and writer, so I know, how it's painful if someone steals our work. Thank you for commenting on here as at least your comment can show some proof about the fraud done by the person name Portia.

  8. Hello Mohini,

    Thanks for sorting out the issue. Much grateful!

    Thanks and Regards,
    Barnali Bagchi

  9. Hello, Barnali,

    Thank you so much for the response.

    Best Regards,

    Mohini Puranik