Most of my poems are dedicated to friends, spirituality or life experiences, good and bad, sad or bitter, sweet or lovely moments of my life.
Today’s poem is on Gurukripa, very different and very blissful. These are the feelings, the blessings, and the love of a Sadguru for the disciple, the Sadhaka, the Mumukshu!

What is really Gurukripa? Gurukripa is not just blessings, Gurukripa is not just the grace, it’s not just preaching.

Gurukripa is the transformation from an ordinary human life to divinity in the life, divinity as the life and finally the ‘Shivaswaroopa’…the realization - Aham Bhrahmasmi, Shivoham Shivoham..
.I am the Shiva – The Brahman – The self realization – the experience which goes beyond transformation and which is eternal. The self realization that I was always present, I am beyond the limits of time. I am always eternal. I am beyond this material body, this mind, the thoughts, the imaginations, I am beyond everything. Still I am everything.

This may look a bit strange but what I am trying to say is it’s a transformation in the life when we meet The Sadguru (Sadguru word cannot be defined by the word as Spiritual Master!) or actually The Sadguru finds the disciple, our ordinary life changes completely. The Sadguru never leaves us alone. The Sadguru makes the life completely, a life without fear, a life beyond the conflicts, and a life beyond the hatred, beyond all the limitations of mind.
Gurukripa makes this life full of love and compassion for the mankind for the whole universe.
And a new journey of life begins….
A journey to spread the same love all over the world….
This poem is reflecting the same feelings….

Let the Heart Say All That It Wants To Say
Let the Love Flow like The Purest Ganges
Let Your Poems
Your Words
 Touch Every Heart
“Every Soul”
Realizing the Peace Which Is the Soul
Like The Beautiful Calm
Sweet Morning Rays of Sun
Reaching Every Home,
Sparkling Eyes with Hope and Love
Just Like They Touch the Blooming Flowers
The Cheeks of Little Kids
May You Reach Everywhere
Spread the Love, Honesty and the Fragrance of Serenity
The Smile of Purity Everywhere
May Your Voice, Every Word by You
Your Every Smile, Your Eyes….
                                               Be Filled With Love                                              
Love for All…..
Love for This Universe
Love for the Mankind…
Love for Everybody
May You Change The Lives My Dear Child…
May You Spread the Warmth and Peace
By The Truth of Oneness
The Advaita…
Every Divine Heart May Realize the Divinity in Them
By Your Enchanting Words
 By Your Poems…
By Your Divine Eyes
Spread This Journey of Aatma to Paramatma
The Journey of Self Realization
Jiva to Shiva


  1. Just like you have said, this poem is indeed very blissful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful poem..its a prayer or a guiding light.

  3. Welcome Induji! Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your love here.

  4. Arti...:) So happy to see your thought here.


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