ShivaSwaroop - Lord Shiva Hymn

Today is Mahashivaratri! 

Let’s worship Lord Shiva by a Hymn. The people who are totally unaware of Bharateeya (Indian) culture ask that who Lord Shiva is. How can He be the Almighty? When people ask such things with religious hatred, I really don’t understand how to answer. When we wish to gain some knowledge, we should be polite and really desperate for that. 
After chanting, singing this Hymn, please tell me, do you think Lord Shiva is the symbol of one religion only?

Also Lord Shiva is the Mahayogi, this hymn expresses The Sadhana Path of Mahayoga and self realization too.

deep deep silence which brings the inner peace
neither any Karma nor any tapasya
the peace comes with ease
mind dissolves in the natural breathing
conflicts vanish discovering the peace
this happens naturally
this is the 'Sadhana'
the place from which the ‘me’ comes
living the life with conflicts
forgetting the ‘soul’
dissolves again in the ‘Ocean of Peace’
Ocean of Love
the complete bliss
‘Me’ dissolves in the Shiva
the ‘Maya’ vanishes
this is the ‘Sadhana’
the Mahayoga
the Siddhayoga!
the bliss, complete bliss
is the sadhana
sadhana is the complete bliss
the ‘me’ becomes the Shiva
this is the Pralaya
by Lord Shiva!
the Aatyantik Pralaya!
Shiva is neither creation
Shiva is nor destruction
Shiva is the Ocean of Peace
which has no beginning, no end
Shiva can’t be found anywhere
Shiva is within you
Shiva is within me
always forever
Shiva is the Sadhana
 Shiva is the Salvation
Shiva is the Samadhi
Shiva is the Purity
The ‘Maya’ - The ‘Mind’ – The ‘Thoughts’
the good bad ‘Karma’
can’t stand even in front of ‘Shiva’
the ‘Tandav’ has begun
the purification inside has begun
Shiva is not the ‘Tamas’
Shiva is not the anger
Shiva Is only Bliss
only Bliss.

The concept of 'Aatyantik Pralaya' mentioned here is based on Puranas. Aatyantik Pralaya is self-realization, the realiazation of the oneness with the world. 

Also, as I am a Mahayoga disciple, I related Lord Shiva to Sadhana, the Nirgun - Nirakar Swaroop (The Ishwar who doesn't have any form and who is not bounded in the limits of Sattva, Raja and Tama.) 

On Mahashivaratri Festival, people drink ‘bhang’ which is considered as sacred Prasad! My request to all the devotees is, the spirituality means bliss without any reason, without any outside source or thing. Bliss is within us and when we discover it, it is the true Prasad of Lord Shiva. Intoxication is not Prasad!

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  1. nicely carved poetic sculpture, attracts everybody with the bundle of sadhana, karma, mukti. Tamas to Tejas. Agyan to Gyan. A guru to guide you to salvation. The laykar, shivankar, namostuthe. 

  2. So nice to finally read a version one can understand and relate to.

    Glad to have you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

  3. :) Om Namah Shivay!

  4. Welcome Kajal, me too glad to see you here on Gurukripa, and thanks for following and becoming my newest pal on Indiblgger...:)


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