Swami Vivekananda - On the Education System

Happy National Youth Day to all of you! I am really sorry, I am too late today! I had on article Let's B -Friends on our Group Blog B -Friends, on this very special day ..Swami Vivekananda's Birthday (Jayanti) . Please do check that out also, I am sure you will like it a lot!  So very very late here today.

From my childhood I am always got attracted by the Divya and Powerful words by Swamiji. They are always like the rays of Morning Sun....destroying all the darkness of the night.......His words always destroys all the thoughts of depression and brings new hope and a divine power in the life. If we read His words we feel Swamiji with us even today.

Sometimes I think if Swamiji was not a Sanyasi and may be in the business world or Scientist ..He would have made a revolution in that fields. but certainly He was not born to live a life limited by a certain limit of field. He is always beyond the Human limits. And most importantly He is for all......His Immortal thoughts are for everybody..may any age..any field.

Today our education system is becoming very competitive and it has become really hard to survive in such hard competition. IITs and IIMs are being  harder and harder while judging the students. I wonder now in IIMs after CAT...GD-PI they are having Essays too. They want the academic record good from 10, 10 +2 ..graduation..they want work experience too. Blogging is now compulsory unofficially and big social network too! Nothing wrong in the true talent search.....but sometimes I feel is it really necessary to do all this and if we  are not using facebook or twitter or if due to some reason any student was not on top in 10th. Then how can we say that they are not the deserving candidate? 

I like to study a lot always, but sometimes..... I think really what I am gaining from all this? Is this capable of giving the Peace of Mind?..the answer of such questions I always find in Swamiji's words. And the real joy for me is that He has said and written on every problem of the life. 

One day I got a wonderful book in Marathi 'Shikshan' the translation of the English book 'Education' the collection from the eight parts of "The complete works of Swami Vivekananda, Mayavati Memorial Edition." 

This small book I found really revolutionary. And I think not only our government but the all the world, should think on it for the future of our education system. What touched me most in this above said book is Swamiji Says " According to me the true essence of education is that The Concentration of Mind and not just the collection of the history (and information which we do not understand at all.) If I get the Chance to learn once again I will not pay attention to the information at all. Instead I will increase my power to concentrate on the things I want and the power to remove my mind from the things I want. And by this efficient means I can collect any Info by my own wish." 

These are the word on which  am thinking from so many years trying to achieve this. Searching the answer how I can achieve this. Just imagine how revolutionary these words are! Yes ! This is really hard to achieve.... But once we get the control over the mind what is difficult to learn in this world. All this competition and saturation and all the time changing syllabus........all will be useless...if we find the system which will be capable of teaching only these two things "To concentrate and to remove concentration by my own wish." So the concentration is only not necessary coz if you don't need that concentration and if you can't remove your mind from that, that will be the biggest sorrow of your life. All these are not my words but what I read all this in Swamiji's books. 

So on the youth day ....think on all this... think how we can achieve this so that we can remove the heavy burden of collecting unlimited information from our innocent children and we can  allow  them to enjoy there true childhood. 

Happy National Youth Day once again.......and one more thing if we want to enjoy life really we have to learn to remove our mind from the things we don't need ......so True N'joyement is not that Easy. 


  1. Hi Mohini,

    How are you ? Long time.

    Yes , Swami Vivekananda has always been a motivating factor in my life, since childhood.
    His philosophy,vision toward life is truly amazing.

    Nice post :)

    take care

  2. darling....i felt that you posted in a hurry burry manner...i just meant that i was not well furnished...you can still go deep expressing your ideas..i do felt that you just had not concentrated on the core idea as it was left almost barren....

    i read some of the vvivekananda books...though they are thought provoking and inspirational...they need a lot of understanding and power of concentration to understand that...

    but gaining control over our mind and ruling out our heart not as easy as we read in swamy books...it need a years of regular practice...

  3. Hey Geeta! Thanks dear! And Thanks for following too. How can you manage..so many blogs?

  4. Hi Vivek! I am fine..just took a break for health reasons.....now perfectly fine. Swamiji is really motivating always....even Your name itself is Vivek..no wonder you are influenced by Him. Thanks a lot..Vivek! :)

  5. Hi Manoj! Really Happy seeing ur reaction. Ya...actually i was tensed yesterday...only an idea came in mind and just posted....not worked to it perfect. And also this issue is deep..so just decided to put the main lines i liked by Swamiji. But ya! I should seriously concentrate now.

    The Second point you mentioned ya...i agree it requires lots of concentration to understand Swamiji! But really what He has told is practical and the world should think on it!

    The Third point....it requires many yrs practice...ya That's y i said i am still searching the answer how this can be achieved! There are lots of ways...but..there should be proper guide too. But wht i thought ppl should at least start thinking on this..coz we are going wrong ..just focusing on..gathering info.

    Really gr8 feeling you raised all these points. I always wish there should be such discussion on blogs..so that ppl can read all the angles of the topic.

  6. Really you are doing a great job! keep up the good work.

  7. Hi Mohini
    I am also inspired by Swami Vivekanada.Your Article was good.This week the Spiritual Tree of TOI was dedicated to Vivekananda.I picked some quotes from the article "Fearless Monk" . You can check them here. http://satyasurya.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/vivekanandas-quotes/

  8. Thanks a lot Umesh! Really very happy you like this. Ya ! trying to more and more perfect!:)

  9. Hi Subramanyam ! Really happy you like this article. I put it in a hurry in the night....hope to make these articles better.

    @All your encouragement really makes me to write deeper and interesting articles.

  10. Education and Knowledge are entirely two different entities that is what I experienced in my 45 years work experience.

    Education is set pattern of instructions (syllabus) made by a group called educationist. This group is hired by the so called Masters of the society, who wants to make their life easy. The syllabus puts standard set of questions to everybody. Anybody gives expected answers to those set of questions is called as somebody educated and can be hired by the Masters of the society. This occurs across every stream of education which results in fulfilling the wishes of the Masters rather than helping the masses.

    But Knowledge has no syllabus, it is in the nature. One has to use his intelligence to find answers to the difficulties faced by masses. Nobody can claim the ownership. The person with knowledge has to deliver the results to masses not make their life miserable.

    This I analyzed after going through situations created by the so called educated society. Books only offers personal views, we give importance to those views and moral of the situation is forgotten. In reality Moral is the knowledge. That is why I prefer a learned person who follows the morals of life rather than an educated person aiding the chaos.

    This is my analysis of events and I do not intend to offend anyone but rather give a fresh perspective on current situation.

    For further discussion contact on skype id - skillsvk or mail me @ v.k9121@gmail.com

  11. Vinayak Sir Namaste! I am honored! What to say on this. This article become the perfect one by your precious discussion and sharing of the true knowledge.