The New Decade of Divine Love..

|| Shri Shri Gurave Namaha || 

Namaste All the Readers and Bloggers !

Wish you a very happy new year!

May this year be the Blessed year for you and not only the year but the decade and the life too!

May every moment of life be full of Divine Love and Peace of Mind!

May every thing you do bring you the divine bliss! May every moment become the worship of The God! And of course when this happens no need to wish .....Success.......Life is already a great success....!

May your eyes be with tears of joy only.....!

May the wonderful always on your face.......spreading......and making the world happy.......!

May God give you the wonderful dreams you haven't seen yet.......!

May You experience them come true......always..!

I wish, you may get all you always loved and desired...!

I wish, no fights in your life........only.......fights of love......surely!

Wish you always  have the best time in your life..........and in your loved ones too....!

Happy new year once again! Enjoy each moment of life......Happy Blogging....Happy Clicking.......Happy Reading too........! 

And hey .....thanks for joining me here!


  1. Hi ,

    Mohini, Wish you a very new year .

    Nice post for the year and decade :)

    take care
    keep smiling :)

  2. Thanks a lot Vivek...Such big honor...nice post for decade and year..Really--:)ing. Once again happy and wonderful..year and decade ahead.. You are the firs commentator of this decade...!Thanks again for such a beatiful comment..

  3. Hey Vivek! Thanks a lot for following this blog too! You are really welcome here on the very first day of this decade!

  4. Thanks Vivek,
    Wishing you Happy New Year.
    What a great wishes that you had proposed in your blog.
    Something to add
    May this year of 2011 be,

    A year of Health and Happiness.....
    A year of Wealth and Wisdom.....
    A year of Peace and Prosperity.....
    A year of Glee and Glow.....
    And also a year of Love and Laughter.....

    Wish you a Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Veena! Thanks a lot, very happy you liked these wishes! And Thanks a lot too for making this post beautiful!

  6. Hi Mohini!! Wish you a happy, creative and appreciative blogging year 2011. Will watch out for more interesting posts from you. Have a blast!!!

  7. Hi Debojit! Wish you happy new year too! And thank you so much for such a beautiful and 'Jabardast' wish! Really wanna blast! Thanks!

  8. Happy new year.....

  9. Same to you Manoj this time you are late..:)