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24 June 2017

Motivation: Life-book

Your life is an unfinished book. Future pages are still draft. Write, edit, erase, cut...rewrite it again and again to get make it a perfect book.

Every comma, full stop, semi colon, question mark, exclamation mark has a meaning. Each punctuation mark is powerful enough to change the whole meaning.

Check, recheck, edit, reedit every single line, word, phrase and punctuation. You should edit grammar and sentence structure as well because they can create or destroy the meaninh.

Editing is boring.

Editing is time consuming.

But it's necessary to make the perfect book-life. Never regret for a bad first draft.  

Remember no draft is final till it is published. Write and edit your book of life carefully to make your draft of life as a happy journey.

Life is not a film. There are no happy or sad endings.

Life is a continuous a river.

Poem: Hope

Here is my little dedication to hope and optimism.

Hope creates new worlds from improbabilities
Hope creates new destinations from
Hope builds paths by faith from the fog
Hope makes it happen which wasn't in the fate
Hope a power of creating worlds out of nothing
Hope creates the new you for tomorrow.

In all circumstances keep hope alive. It's the biggest wealth and power. When we lose it we forget what we have and we don't understand how to utilize it. So never lose hope. I remember the experience of
facing some moments of losing hope and they were worst. I forgot that I have some talent and for anything which I don't know or can't do I learn it without any shame or laziness. Then what's impossible in the world! But just losing hope I forgot what all I have and what I could do. Losing hope is the beginning of self destruction. Never lose hope and never give up. Keep working on your goals even if they don't show immediate results. Your work defines you.
Your hope creates the you of tomorrow.

04 June 2017

Poem: Pearls of Your Love

Pearls of your love
Adorn my life
Pulse of my life
Affirms your love
Eyes of your love
Paint my life
Skies of my life
Repaint your love
Me live for You
My life for you

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