Poem: Waiting For A Response

Remember those moments when you were waiting for someone’s response which would decide your future?

It can be anything like waiting for examination results, or response related to a professional deal or election results…anything!

Sharing a poem describing those moments, I am sure you must have gone through all this!

waiting for a response
which will decide my fate

hours of anxiety
were like traveling life and death
tried to tell the mind
this is not the end
trust yourself 
to fight the battle for future
I always tried my best
then why should I worry this test
only I am the creator of my fate
the boss of my future
why should I surrender to this anxiety
with the distrust on my ability
sometimes anger,
sometimes a scream,
‘how could I do it better?’
Sometimes frustration
‘I should wait!’
it's the power of mind
which can imagine the impractical
and the worst
it's the disturbed breathing
which creates emotions of fear
when saying, ‘just relax!’
doesn’t help
when I have to go through
anxious stressful games of mind
I give up!
I give up any effort to control the mind
close my eyes
focus on that disturbed breathing
storms of fear will come and go
I’ll be still there, firm!
Walking my path
I just need to walk...

Walk my own path

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