Contrasting Experiences - Poem

Text Image:Contrasting Life Experiences
The summer heatwave has exhausted us and everybody is waiting for the first rain. The moments before the first rain are too long to wait. Why is it so? 

Why is not possible to enjoy the rain without any pain of summer? 

The life and nature are too 'similar' in giving us contrasting experiences... 
Here is fresh poem came from the 40 plus degree centigrade scorching heat...

Why do we have to experience the blistering summer
before meeting the first cool rain?
why is there calm breeze
after devastating storm?

Image: Pipal tree in dark evening

why do we have to experience the darkest night
before meeting the brightest shining morning?
why does black make the white look brighter
when come together,
why does contrast beautify the picture?
why do we have to experience the heartbreaking tears
before meeting the bliss of love?

why does life smile
after the extreme tears?

why is the life fusion of the clouds and the sunshine?
why does the golden success come

after going through harsh experiences of life?

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  1. This is something worth and philosophical. Loved the way you compared the nature with life. Despite of the contrasts at a point life and nature meets to a great similarity.
    Full of positivism .

  2. Thanks Simu...:)