Online Pilgrimage - Arti's Yatra Diary

Today my dearest Sister and friend Arti has completed four years of sharing spiritual yatras- journeys on My Yatra Diary. I wished to write a long article telling about how I feel about this very special blog which brings Darshan of all the forms of Bhagwanji from the holy places - Teerthakshetras, from Himalayas, from Tirupati and even from spiritual places which are in foreign countries like Japan. 

And what it turned is a Haiku dedicated to 'My Yatra Diary'....

online pilgrimage
heavenly words and photos
'my yatra diary'

"Happy Blogging Anniversary Dearest Arti"

Arti is not just sister or friend, she is motivator and an inspiration for me. Arti writes about her travel experiences at spiritual places and with the photographs with her deep feelings of devotion. For me and many readers like me, she has created a virtual place for pilgrimage. I don't know when I am going to visit Holy Teerthakshetras of Bharat but I already feel like I have visited them just because of Arti's Yatra Diary. 

Thank you so much Arti inspiring all of us by sharing your journeys and by your motivating words...:)


  1. Thanks so much Simu...:) Love of sisters like you and Arti make me write ..more and more..:)