"Jeeveta Sharadaha Shatam" - Gurudeva and Gurukripa

Today, this blog and mission to spread the glory of the Indian – Bharateeya culture and Philosophy is completing one year.

Sadgurudeva - H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj

This blog is Gurukripa – which means Grace of The Sadguru. Sadguru means Sat + Guru. The person who gives us the supreme divine knowledge is “The Sadguru”.  Sadguru means not just Spiritual Master.

The spiritual knowledge is written in innumerable books. It is easy to say, 'God is everywhere' or the universal oneness. But this is an eternal experience and the person who can give this eternal experience is The Sadguru.

I am blessed by Sadgurudeva Param Pujaneey Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj when I was in school. Believe or not, he has taught me even how to study. And I am always successful in whatever I learn because of His teachings. I am still His little child.. 

I used to observe many spiritual sects and spiritual leaders to seek true spiritual knowledge.  But I found many are having some desire for money or disciples. Many I see, are fake, cheating innocent people, exploiting them physically, emotionally and financially. Many innocent lives are destroyed forever.

My Sadgurudeva has shown me the real knowledge which has given me practical, logical independent thinking and not a superstitious one. I don’t want to explain today, how the innocent people are being made weak by many spiritual leaders. But this is very dangerous for our society and especially Indian Culture or Hinduism. The people who don’t know much about Hinduism they can blame this most ancient culture very easily because of these people. 

Gurudeva is saving many such victims and innocent people daily. It doesn’t matter people are His disciples or not, He loves everybody equally because He always says,” You are all Gods.” And He really means it.

Today is His 85th Birthday.

There is programme  for three days in Nasik. There is special Puja called Raudri Shanti” from today to 6th July. I couldn’t reach there because of my health.

So I pray to The God, and my Sadgurudeva, on His 85th Birthday, here on this blog,

Parama Pujya Sadgurudeva crores of  Pranamas to YOUThis blog is Your form, Your Grace, my dearest Gurudeva , so I am celebrating YOUR and This Blog’s Birthday here on the blog. I don’t know any Puja, but what You have taught me is “Work is Worship – The True Sadhana”. This blog is Worship of The God. This blog is my Love, my Sadhana, my breath.

What can I give YOU, when You have given me this beautiful life? But, as usual please accept my prayer.

Please give me knowledge, courage and strength to spread this message of Indian  Culture and Philosophy of Advaita , Devotion  - The Bhaktiyoga, Devotion for work – The Karmayoga, Sarvam Khalvidam Bhrahma- The Gyanyoga………..for centuries, millions and billions of years for the eternal love, peace of mind , bliss and self – realization – Universal Brotherhood by Siddhayoga.

I wish to born again and again in India my Bharatmata, as Lord Shrirama has said,

Janani Janmabhoomishcha Swargadapi Gariyasi”
In Sanskrit 
"My Bharat is more beautiful than the heaven……….."

I have read that Salvation is the supreme goal of spirituality and it is the ultimate success of The Life.

According to Bhaktas the ultimate goal of the life is – The Devotees of The God to live in The Supreme Abode of The God – The Vaikuntha, where the Devotees can worship their beloved God forever with joy and no tears.

After completing one year of this mission to spread the glory of Advaita through articles and poems by your Kripa – by Your Grace……..

Now my heart wishes to live to spread the Divine Love on this earth. 

The God is here on this earth in Everybody – Everything…….

Where will I search The God and worship Him, if I don’t see Him in my heart, my brothers and sisters, innocent animals and this nature?

What will I do in the Supreme Abode of The God when my brothers and sisters are living with sorrows on this earth?

Please give me strength to fight with the dirt on fake gurus who are exploiting innocent people.
Make me victorious, in the inner war of conflicts and the war with the injustice.

And finally the traditional wish,

Jeevet Sharadaha Shatam means, Wish you 100 years of beautiful life……

This wish is the traditional Indian wish which is for the Birthday, just like we wish Many Many Happy returns of the day.

Hey Friends, I wished to make power point slides to express my gratitude towards my dearest friends who has made my blogging journey beautiful, with lots of fun and love. But due to sudden damage to my health, tremendous pressure of some problems I couldn’t complete it, today. I am sorry for that. But you all know my feelings though I express them or not. I will try to present them soon.

I had lot of trouble to type this post because of my health. But you know, I am crazy and I have come to meet you all and celebrate this special day. Can’t write anymore because this crazy person’s B. P. is 180/130 today.

I miss You Gurudeva and I miss You all the friends very badly, I can't tell you, how I have spent these days, without talking with you. Friends! You will be surprised to know that I haven't met H. H. Sadgurudeva in this year. But this is what is GURUKRIPA ! Knowledge comes from the heart.

All parts dedicated to first blogoversary, milestones and friends.

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  1. Happy birthday;
    ये ब्लाग यावच्चन्द्रदिवाकारऊ चमकता रहे|May this Blog shine till the SUN & MOONshine in universe.
    Sorry for the late.Because of disconnection of Internet.

  2. Someone is SpecialJuly 4, 2011 at 5:38 PM

    Happy Birthday and let this blog shine till the SUN and MOON shine.. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Mohini...

    Someone is Special

  3. You are saying sorry to me dada!.......Bless me.....I am your little sister.

  4. Oh........Saravana.....such a Special Wish........Really you are special and SmileS after reading this.......! :)

  5. congratulations to you and the wonderful blog on your blogoversary !!  may you have all the success and accomplishments in the future. : )

  6. Hey Abhi, welcome to my blog dear. Your first visit on very special day of my life. Thank you so much for your sweet wishes......:) :) :)

  7. CONGRATULATIONS Mohineeeee!!!!! May all your dreams and desires  be fulfilled in the  coming years too, may you have everything that makes you happiest... here's wishing you all great things and goodness in life :)

    Thank you so much for being around Mohini, really...you brighten the lives of all around you and fill it up with joy through your warmth and sweetness, you are a real star, keep going :))))))

  8. What can I say, your words are just definition of BEAUTY in this world. Thanks a lot for such wonderful wishes and I really needed that......

    Star is such Gurukripa and you have made me Arti. :) :).

  9. sorry for being late here....it just happened, no justification....

    Heartiest Congratulations on this anniversary of ur blog...i wish you keep on going in ur mission.....

  10. Haha of course no justification I was waiting for your response. Thank you so much Sir! :) :) Ya but I need support from all too.