Poem: The World of Words

The theme for PAD 2016 day 6 is 'words.' 

Words can create life,
Words can ruin it easily.
Words are power,
Words can change lives,
Words can heal somebody
And words can slay a life without any weapon
Words express love

Words tell the deception
Words can be illusory,
Can deceive by creating the illusion of love
Words create masks
Words break hearts, break people.
Words can become the dose of venom to kill a life
Words become blessings to save a life
Words have power
And the person using them gives words their power.

Words have hues
Black and white
Or Gray!

Words without context
Get interpreted with the meaning they don't carry.

Let them be transparent.
When the heart speaks, words tell the heart’s feelings
As they are

Let them resonate with the feelings of the heart.
Let them speak only truth.
No matter
If it’s invalidated,
Or misinterpreted and misjudged.

The Truth doesn’t need protection by masking words. 
The truth can't be weakened.

Be kind,
Be loving,
Be honest.

Then words will have the power of love and truth
The power which is 

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