Poem: The Rising Sun Sings

The rising Sun sings a song every day,
A song of happiness and love
You have a great life,
Live it.......today,
Live it for today,
Live for today.

Image: Rising Sun

The Rising Sun Sings

Forgetting past regrets,
Future worries,
Live a great life today
Live for today.
Live in the present; it's beautiful.
Live a beautiful day today
Make it beautiful today.
Everything you do

Make it beautiful today.

You have a great life
Live it today….
Live it for today.
Create your verses,
Write your stories,
Sing your songs of happiness,
Write your destiny today.
Close the doors for receiving negativity  
Your heart will be bitter
If you dwell there.
You will feel distressed

You will regret again and again...

And then 
The cycle of 
Stress and anxiety...
Close your doors for receiving negativity,
Close your eyes and ears from toxicity.
You don't deserve toxicity,
You don't need toxicity.
Close it today. 

You are born to love, 

Fill your heart with love.

Open your heart to receiving love...
The world is beautiful
If you close the doors for toxicity
You will see 
The World is kind,
The World is beautiful.
With toxic hatred
Dwelling in negativity
You won't be able to see the love you have in your life.

Leave the toxicity to its source.
And embrace the love.

Tell yourself again and again,

Your heart is for love,
Your heart is for empathy,
Smile and say....

"My heart is for infinite love,
I have no place for toxicity in my life.
My heart is for infinite love.
Live the love today
Live the beautiful life today."

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