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27 October 2016

Poems: Feathery Emotions

Some short sweet poems on the feathery emotions of love that are soft, not always obvious, not always intense but are very very beautiful. I am sure, they will make you smile.

Stopped thinking of you
For those moments
When we met in 
My dreams


Wanna seal you 
In my heart
To prevent the evil
of this world from
Reaching to you


I love you
For your effulgent heart
That takes me 
Into deep tranquility
I search for.


Whenever I see your eyes
I can't resist reading them
And whenever I read them
They magnetize me to
Mysterious questions
Wrapped in smiles
They ask unknown
Mesmerizing me more and more
And more and more
The world seeks answers
I am mad about those questions
Dear God, is it for real?
Or my love-immersed heart
has lost its control?
Please help me. 


The more I think about you
The more my heart melts
In your light
Wish I could love you
As much as your light is


Why do your eyes
Melt me again and again 
In your love?
I am helpless


Love my rapid anxious breaths
Racing with my heart
When they miss you
Their restlessness
Speaks your love

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