Ageless Beauty - Poems and The Nature

Today's poem is about the nature, beauty and poem itself. What is special about this poem is that this a Tanka poem which will make you smile. :-)

Image: Beautiful Flower

seasons keep changing
not the magical beauty
poems and nature
are ageless charm on the earth
bringing sweet smiles in our lives

We have shared the poems expressing the pain of hot summer, the dance of rain drops, and the dreams of winter here on Narayankripa. We have shared the contrasting experiences of life and the nature. 

Did you notice one thing, every season brings its own beauty? Every poem reflects the same magic of the nature. What has remained immortal is the beauty of the change. Yes, the same beauty reflects in our lives too. We experience the feelings of pain, love, anger, dreams, frustration, joyous victory, sad failure... everything. 

Sit relaxed for some time and just see all of them stirring your mind. You'll discover the beauty of life and make you smile, detached from all that which is vanished somewhere in past and the worries of unfulfilled  dreams which are covered in the future. 

You shall open the eyes with a sweet smile to embrace the present and thank the God for blessing you.   

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