Love - The Hope

A poem dedicated to 'The hope'!

Some problems and incidents in life, made me very disturbed. This created a storm in my mind, for some days, I lost my natural flow of writing. I couldn’t talk with anybody………spent some days alone and what I got is………………………………………… Love The Hope..

This is not my story alone. Everybody has to go through all this at some phase of life. Some people face the challenge of life and turn it into a big success. However, some people forget their strengths , the Gifts to them by the God and get frustrated, all this is temporary……..but some forget this truth and even end their lives.

We should tell them, who they  really are, we should bring a smile on their faces and a new hope in their lives………

I never wish to help anybody, there is no need, everybody is strong……but  I wish to make them rediscover their own self……..

Let us join to make this dream come true. 

new hope is born again
in my eyes
after the dark days of
dark thoughts
new smile is born
once again in my eyes

i was a living dead
my life seen the darkest shade
but the cycle is complete now
after the dark night
the sun is born once again

no power can hide
the light of the sun
nobody can force
me again to the depression
depression is nothing
it's just an illusion

why did i worry
a fake illusion?
which was not at all
dark depression
love is my nature
smile is its feature

tears of depression
were just an illusion
success is my another name
never lose hope because,
life is just an illusion game

take it a bit lightly
but face it brightly
and never stop living the life
with ‘love naturally’

love is the secret of strength
love is the key of natural success
love doesn’t know any defeat
makes you victorious
without any fight

love yourself,
 love your goal
love your work and
the God in your soul
trust the love
trust the God!

fill this hope
in every heart!
make them smile
just like your heart!

spread the love
spread the smile
spread this love and hope
one more mile…….

spread the light,
spread the hope
every heart is divine,
discover the god
in every soul!

love is the life,
love is the hope,
love is the god
love is the goal
tell your heart,
God is in your soul!

Your single click to share this poem may change a complete life, may bring a new life to an ending life.

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  1. I like the page. I like the poem Mohini. I love your thoughts and everything in it. It's so positive and selfless... full of devotion and faithfulness to life. I hope for hope ;)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. liked the poem so inspiring and motivating urself and love ur goal :)

  3. Wonderful poem again, Mohu..So encouraging and determined.Liked your thoughts and surely it will help to one who is hopeless !
    You are wise to fight through challenges of life! So inspiring .Keep awaking this world with your wonderful thoughts and cute poems..
    Take ya:D

  4. Someone is SpecialJune 27, 2011 at 10:58 PM

    Inspiring Poem Mohini.. Superb.. and glad you are back.. and be happy your Google Page Rank is (2/10).. Rock on.. and will my life be colourful
    Someone is Special

    Someone is Special

  5. A beautiful thought and wonderfully put into words..My first time here but now I am following...really great imagery

  6. Thank you so much Melissa.I am so happy you loved this poem. I love you my sister. :)

  7. Geets......Thank you so much.......nice na.

  8. Love ya too Simo.....:D I am happy after some dark thoughts. I felt this hope and you loved my hope.

  9. Saravana Thanks a lot, you have taken time to read this though you were tensed. Happy you liked this hope. I think now, you must have got the answer.....your life will be colorful....!

    Thanks for telling me the good news of GPR....I didn't see.

  10. Hi JP! Welcome to my blog. I am very happy to see you here and very happy you liked my poem. "Imagery" Thank you so much....just wrote what heart said.

  11. A great Motivator, Inspiring, wonderful, full of new hope and Love.....A complete story of the beginning part of great success..well written...Poem...awesome....

    keep writing...

  12. Hi Hema, Sorry for late, generally come online in evening so.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful thought on my hope and love. It's so sweet, so many appreciative words........! :) love ya!

  13. Love is the goal, beautiful as always :)

  14. Dhananajaya BhaaratJune 30, 2011 at 10:18 PM

    lovely, very very nice keep it up.

  15. Thankssssssssssssss Arts....I mean Arti, sorry yaar, I was not online those days so couldn't reply.

  16. Dhananjay welcome to my blog friend. I am so sorry for the late reply, I was not online those days when you were here.

    Thank you so much for your sweet thought. I am glad you loved this.

  17. Thanks for the late comment Dada! :(

  18. Geeta How is your husband after heart attack