Poem: The Winning Streak Continues...

Today is the last day of April and our poetry celebration. Today's theme is this challenge of writing a poem every day.
It was more difficult due to some unforeseen events and the scorching summer season this year has affected everything so badly that it was difficult to focus every day. 

"If you love your goal, then no obstacle can stop you from achieving it."  

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This year, I didn't participate in any challenge which means I had to decide prompts and topics myself. I was a bit nervous at the beginning. But, my Sadugurudeva and Maa Saraswati blessed to write a new poem daily. 

Among all the poems, the acrostic poem on the holy chant, 'Aum Namo Bhagawate Vasudevay' was perhaps the most difficult long poem I wrote so far and the Diamante poem 'Moments' was the easiest one.

These poems include the prayers of devotion and motivation to the mind. So they are for everybody. Whether you are an atheist or a theist, I am sure, you loved the poems of this month. 

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Running a Marathon
Where there's no competitor to my performance,
The alone marathon,
Where I'm competing with myself,
Yesterday's 'me' vs. today's 'me'
To create the dream 'me' of tomorrow.

Most difficult,
Absolutely honest,
Judgment about this performance
I have to decide for myself.

Did I try with dedication?
Am I improved?
Did I explore the unknown I always wish to meet?
Did I search for new paths of excellence?
Am I satisfied?
Have I transformed myself?

A delightful marathon
Where I am the winner
For genuinely doing my best, I ever could do.
A successful marathon
Where the biggest reward is a bright feeling
 "Yes, I did it."
The marathon is not over yet,
The celebrations aren't ended,
The winning streak continues...

Thank you so much for joining me in the poetry celebrations.
Thanks for spreading the bliss of spirituality by retweets, shares, and likes. Your encouragement and support really make me very happy. It's difficult to thank every one of you personally, but I can express my feelings in these words only. 

What so gratifying to see that you read all my poems and love them. I trust that our bond will become stronger with time. Let's spread love, peace and smiles together. 

Stay tuned for new celebrations and the celestial bliss of poetry. 

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