Poem: Sacred Song of Breathing

The self-thought prompt for today's poem is 'Space'. It's a hymn to Lord Shriram and His Dhyana.

Taking a breathing space
Every day,
From the material world chaos to meet you,
To embrace you.

Image: Lord Shriram, Maa Seetaji and Lord Laxman

The breaths that you bestowed me
Chant your name quietly
Whenever they are racing rapidly,
Whenever they search for solace,
And whenever they are just calm.
The breaths that you bestowed me
Chant your name quietly
In the hope, you'll hear my voice someday.
They know your divine name is the Prana,
Is the oxygen for my life.
Raam is the Prana. 
I wish to see 
My ego melting in your name. 
Your name is sacred,
Your glories are sacred,
Your life is sacred.
I wish to be sacred like you by your divine blessings;
By reciting your name in my heart.
The World says that you live somewhere in the outer space,
But I wish to meet you
In the sacred space of my heart.
I wish to live the day when
The space between you and me
That my mind believes to be existing
Will vanish and
I’ll realize our
Eternal oneness,
Our union.

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