Poem: The Moment I Will Meet You

Today is the 27th day of April poetry month. Today’s poem is a Dramatic Monologue poem. As the name suggests, it’s a monologue of the character that is disunified from their love for years. The beauty of the poem is that the hero/heroine singing this poem can be a man or a woman. When heart feels a deep love and when it misses its love, the feelings are same for a man or woman, I think so. 

I'll tell you, how much I missed you
The moment I'll meet you.

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Every day my heart was weeping without you, all these years
You'll read the suppressed tears in my eyes
The moment I'll meet you. 1

The springs, the rains, and the winters
Arrived, lived and passed
All these years
Nobody could notice it, but alone in the celebration of nature
My eyes were searching you
I missed you in the beautiful nature
I missed you in the scorching summer
I missed your heartfelt words
I always loved to listen to
Nobody knows
But you’ll feel it
The moment I’ll meet you. 2

I didn't lose anything
Perhaps you haven't lacked anything
All these years
But one thing is missing
The moments, we would have celebrated together
They were always incomplete without us enjoying together.
But I know, my dear friend
Everything will be complete the moment
The moment I’ll meet you, my love. 3

I achieve everything that I dream
But how to celebrate it without you?
You’ll read all the uncelebrated moments
The moment I’ll meet you. 4

Though you weren’t with me
My heart talked with you, with your thoughts
Hoping you’ll meet me someday
Still the same way we used to talk
Hoping my words will reach your heart becoming my vibes
I wish you’ll tell me, you heard everything I said, unsaid
The moment when I’ll meet you. 5

All the years passed without you
I couldn’t count,
I couldn’t feel
I didn’t want to feel
For me, you still live in my hopes and dreams
Where we meet every day
You’ll tell me, you always felt me around you
The moment I’ll meet you. 6

My tears never speak loudly
My screams have no voice
But they are in this environment silently saying, how much they miss you
You will hear them someday
At least
The moment I’ll meet you. 7

Why do I say I’ll meet you?
I believe we are destined to meet again in this life
I don’t know where you are
I don’t know how we will meet
But my heart says, there will be a
Moment I’ll meet you. 8

The universe will sing this song with me
Mother Nature will give her melodious music
And wherever you are today
You’ll hear it lucidly
Your heart will feel it today
And you’ll also sing it for me
The moment I’ll meet you. 9

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