Poem: The Mirror of Poems

We are celebrating poetry this month and it's the 28th day of our poetry festival today. There are many strange assumptions about poets. Why do poets write so passionately? What do they want to tell, and why? I don't think passionate poets and artists really need to give any answer to such questions for their art-love, certainly not. But it pains me to see the lack of awareness about the importance of poetry, the lack of respect for artists and yes, their dedication behind their work; especially in our country. Art isn't just a pass time. Today's theme is 'the purpose of poetry'.  

What’s the purpose of poetry?
Poetry is the mirror that reflects
The life as it is,
The dynamic mind as it is
With all its recognized, unrecognized shades and shadows,
The relationships in their true colors,
The emotions straight from the heart.

Image for poem: The Mirror of Poems

This mirror of poems is candid
It doesn’t hide any ugliness
It doesn’t conceal the truth
It doesn’t malign the beauty
And it doesn’t shy away from saying the bold rightness
The truths nobody dares to tell you.

This mirror is about
Everything in the world,
Everybody in the world
Including you and me.

This mirror tells you
Where you’re wrong
Where you’re right
What you shouldn’t hide
And what you should face
Why you should smile
What's your strength
And why do you feel weak.

You can’t fake the mirror by any mask
When you’re in front of this mirror of poems
You have to see yourself as you are
Accept or not, but that’s you,
This mirror will show you, your reflection
Love it or hate it
But that’s you.

This mirror of poems
Tell you your beauty,
The beauty of your thoughts and deeds
The mirror just reflects
The glory of your radiant persona

It doesn’t have any self-serving interest to tell you lies,
To tell biased reflections
The Mirror doesn’t lie
The Mirror just reflects

Don’t judge the mirror of poems
For its intentions.
It’s beyond our judgments,
Our judgments are also reflected back at ourselves
Telling what our perception is.
That’s what the purpose of this mirror of poems is.

Thank this mirror for reflecting every truth,
Thank this mirror for showing you, the genuine 'you'.
Love this mirror for being your true companion,
Love this mirror of poems for showing the life that is simple and transparent.

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