Poem: The God's Endowments

Today's poem is a Didactic poem. A didactic poem instructs the mind to follow religious rules and boost the morals. This poem is a poem telling the mind what it must follow to discover the peace. 

Searching for the peace of mind
Followed thousands of paths that bind.
Search within and you’ll realize:
It was always there, you forgot your mind to synchronize.

Image for Poem: The God's Endowments

Because the God understands your mind
And He is the one who is always kind.
You don’t need words and languages to pray Him
Your eyes filled with love, he accepts as his Hymn.

Because the God cares for you
And He doesn’t want to keep you in the blue.
He watches every hue of emotion that your mind receives,
Detach yourself from your thoughts, you’ll be happy to see what your mind achieves.

Because God loves everyone
And because the God shows us, we all are ‘one’
Love brings the peace you were pursuing
Discover it in all the circumstances by the mind’s truing.

Because God has bestowed His blessings upon you.
Giving makes you happy, remember the truth, you always knew.
The Peace of mind is here in every moment
Realize that this peace in the present is the God’s biggest endowment.

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