Poem: Refuge

Chaitra Navaratri Vrata is going on. We pray and worship Lord Shrirama and Devi Maa during Navaratri. Today's poem is a hymn to the power of Lord Almighty.

Ceased to seek refuge in the unworkable solutions to life's miseries that
Separated me from my Lord Krishna and Sadhana
For a momentary happiness.
Temporary happiness is
Just a diversion with no peace, adding stress.

I am alone now, totally alone.
Am I walking?
Am I feeling scared?
I am liberating myself now
From the material bondages.

Image: Lord Shriram, Lord Laxman and Maa Sitaji

The only refuge is the power of prayers,
The lasting bliss of prayers to the God,
Most powerful refuge,
Surrendering the ego to the supreme power of the Almighty
For the reason, the God never betrays His devotees.
"I trust you."
The mind chants with closed eyes,
I trust you,
I trust your supreme power.
Worries, past regrets,
Endless sorrows of the life,
Powered by ego,
Believed to be true of the mind,
Melt in a moment
When the ego melts in prayers.
Dear Almighty,
I trust your power...
I trust your promise to your devotees.
Dear Almighty,

I trust you.

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