Poem: Trust The God

When everything is turned against you,
When you're treated like a guilty,
To wipe the sins of real culprits
Remember your inner strength bestowed by the God.
Trust your good karma.

Love humanity.
Dear brave soul,
It's a hard lonely battle
But trust the God,
That Supreme Power
Who has blessed you with the power to survive and win
One day.
Try to ignore the perpetrators,
Their karma will haunt them.
The God will bring them to justice,
Don't lose your cool.
They have everything to abuse
But they lack the power of integrity.
They are powerful enough not to leave any sign of abuse
But their karma is everywhere in the atmosphere.
Karma can't be deleted even by the most powerful person.
Trust the God,
Trust kindness and love.
Mother Nature returns love
Making it a great source of power to give you happiness once again.
Trust the God for everything
Call the God in every moment of distress,
Tell the God about every scar you bear quietly.
Trust the God.
The God will trust a bruised heart.
Trust the God
All those who deny your sufferings
Don’t let them break you again.
Trust the God
Trust the love of the God.

We have just completed the first week of the Poem-a-day challenge. I faced some unexpected events during this week and it was very difficult for me to compose and post a poem daily. Thank you for your support so far to daily poems and prayers. I hope remaining days will easier and better for me. 

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