Poem: The Power of Optimism

Sometimes we need to give a firm message to negative thoughts before they occupy our mind. Today's poem on the power of optimism:

O negative thoughts, 
You knocked the doors of my mind,
But it's full of love and compassion;
Where will you live now?

O negative thoughts,
I can't entertain you anymore.
When the love chose my heart to live
You lost all your power.

Text image for Narayankripa poem The Power of Optimism

O negative thoughts,
You knock again and again,
But now you know my heart is only for the love,
For receiving and sharing the love.
My mind has defeated the most painful obstacles because
It's always full of optimism.
Optimism and pessimism can't stay together,
One has to leave the mind.

O negative thoughts,
My mind loves hope,
My mind loves the love,
My mind loves the positivity,
My mind loves peace,
You can stop knocking now or
Turn yourself into the power of positivity
To be the part of my mind.

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