Poem: Meditating With Stars

The theme for PAD 2016 Day 2  poem is Meditation with Stars. Yesterday, we saw the meditation happening by chanting the Divine Name of Lord Rama in the 'Sacred Song of Breathing'. Stars and the sky inspire spirituality and Dhyana. 

Meditating with the stars.
Each one of them has a poem
In its heart.
The more I listen to them
The calmer I feel.

Image: Moonlight Beauty

Their aura has a music
The more I listen to it
Resonating tranquility I feel
In our hearts.
The rays of light deep within
Enlighten oneness
In dark nights,
Diminishing the gloomy darkness.

Meditating with the stars
Releases the exhaustion of the hectic day slowly,
Making the mind free from disquieting thoughts.
Meditating with stars,
It’s our group meditation.
A group of crazy poets
To shine with the aura of our poems,
To breathe divine verses.

Meditating with the stars,
Experiencing universal meditation
Happening naturally in Mother Nature each night.
The trees,
The stars,
The wind,
The Moon,
And my breathing,
Meditating in unison
Creating vibrations of serenity for each other.

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