Poem: Dreamy

Today's poem is dedicated to the nostalgic moments with friends, the time when we could have free time and free mind. All of us miss those old days and old friends. Just dreaming of reviving those days again in today's poem.

My dream
A time
When we can chat endlessly
With no barrier to restrict us
Not even the time.

Image: PAD Day 2016 poem 'Dreamy'

My dream
To live the moments of friendship
I lost for all these years
Will that time come again?
Will you join me to talk
Random, stupid, boring, funny

My dream
I still haven't grown up, seriously!
Will you join my childlike dream?

My dream
A bright night
And a limitless chat
Reviving old memories
Silly childhood beliefs
Absolutely carefree mind
Laughing, remembering silly mistakes
The secrets we could never share with anybody.
Will we meet again?

We have completed 18 days and 19 poems so far. Just 12 more days. Thank you so much for your support, retweets, likes, and encouragement.

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